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Fox News poll: Kirk 42, Giannoulias 40,


Fox News Poll shows the Illinois Senate race continues to be a dead heat:

From the poll: "Republican Mark Kirk took 42 percent and Democrat Alexi Giannoulias 40 percent in the latest Fox News battleground poll of likely voters. As evidence of voter dissatisfaction, 9 percent were undecided and 7 percent back Green Party candidate LeAlan Jones."


How Giannoulias has 40 % perplexes me. Everything he touches turns to sh_t!
The Broadway Bank FAILURE
The Bright Start Program-FAILURE
Association and loans to convicted criminals
Broadway Bank 20 + million dollar loan to Saddam Husseins cousin
Income tax refund of 25,000. + (thats more than many people in Illinois earned last year!)
The Lincoln Hotel Sale -FAILURE

Get real Illinois voters-How can you even think of sending this sleaze to Washington to represent us?

Giannoulias' ad accused Kirk of being "caught in a lie." How will he respond now that he has been caught in his own lie. He didn't work at Broadway Bank in 2006...oh wait, he did work there in 2006. Maybe he just misremembered it wrong. Was filing for a tax write-off worth the headache? It's not like he can use it to bolster his campaign funds.

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