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Emanuel to kick off mayoral campaign with city "listening tour"


WASHINGTON--Rahm Emanuel will kick off his Chicago mayoral campaign with a "listening tour" of the city's neighborhoods--to start when he jumps in the high-stakes race for mayor over the weekend.

President Obama is expected to personally announce Emanuel's departure on Friday from the White House--and Emanuel will fly to Chicago over the weekend to finally say he is in the race and to throw himself into the campaign with vigor.

Emanuel's "official" announcement will come later--after the listening tour phase--which Emanuel will use to stock his Chicago issues portfolio.

The listening tour gives Emanuel an on-ramp back into Chicago's neighborhoods--and lets him re-introduce himself to the city on a personal basis. While Emanuel is famous in Washington--he has a lot of work to do for people outside of his old House district to get to know him. The listening tour also plays perfectly in a contest where Emanuel--or any other major contender--must forge a white-African-American and Hispanic coalition in order to survive the Feb. 22 primary and get in the April 5 run-off.


Lets say, a person has a really important job, that is important to the general polulation and the job is not yet over. Then a more interesting job comes along, that is say, more important to that person. So one quits the job that is more important to everyone to runs for the job that is more important to oneself. Hmmmmm, sounds like an opportunist. Who like the former governor of Alaska, I would never vote for. When one is chosen to do a job and commits to it, one should follow through, not just quit because something apparently better comes along.

Can he listen? All indications are that Emanuel is an imperious swine to the middle class and a boot licker to the wealthy. A Mayor Emanuel would be the doom of Chicago. We have enough problems without his poisonous contempt of unions, public transit, public schools ,and any industry outside of banking.

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