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DREAM Act, Don't Ask Don't Tell fail to advance in Senate


Rep. Gutierrez on DREAM Act Senate Vote:
"The Fight Is Not Over..."

(Washington, DC) - Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) issued the following statement after a cloture vote in the Senate on the National Defense Authorization Act, S.3454, failed to gain the 60 votes needed to proceed with the debate. The vote, generally along party lines, means that the DREAM Act immigration bill (S.729, sponsored by Sen. Richard Durbin) will not proceed as hoped for this week.

The Republicans squawked about procedure and insisted on being able to debate every aspect of the Defense Bill thoroughly, but they showed their true stripes when they proposed a process of debate of unlimited amendments -- as long as no amendments were related to immigration. They do not want to debate immigration, they do not want to defend their mass-deportation approach, and they will do almost anything to avoid even discussing it with Democrats or the American people.

All we need is a small handful of relatively brave Republican Senators to step up to let the debate move forward, which could happen tomorrow if they choose to put the people before politics.

Senators would rather whine about election year politics and the boogeyman of "amnesty" than to do what is right for America's men and women in uniform and the young immigrants who dream of embracing the only county they have ever known.

The fight is not over and I will continue to support Sens. Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Bob Menendez in their efforts to make the DREAM Act a reality.

Rep. Gutierrez chairs the Immigration Task Force of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) and is the principal author of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act (CIR-ASAP/H.R. 4321), a comprehensive immigration reform bill with 103 co-sponsors that is supported by the CHC and which includes a version of the DREAM Act among its provisions.

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Kerry Statement on DADT/DREAM Act Filibuster on Defense Spending

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) today released a statement following the Senate's failure to end a filibuster and move to a final vote on the Department of Defense Authorization bill that would fund our troops, repeal the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, and pass into law the DREAM Act which provides a path to citizenship for immigrants who enlist in the military.

"Today a Republican filibuster blocked funding for our troops and blocked efforts supported by our military brass to end outdated policies that force service members into the shadows or reject them entirely from serving their country," said Sen. Kerry. "Gay and lesbian Americans are forced to lie about who they are, and patriotic youth who want to enlist are barred from service simply because they were brought to this country illegally as children. That's wrong.

"Today, we had the chance to listen to Admiral Mullen, General Colin Powell, and Defense Secretary Gates, strengthen our military, and make our society more just. That didn't happen, and that's an affront to patriots who want to serve their country and put their lives on the line for our security. As a veteran, I'm deeply disappointed, and as a Senator I'm deeply angered and determined to keep fighting until the Senate does what's right."

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when will the Dream Act go back for another vote?

we need people with ambition to be part of the U.S., people with a dream, people that want, and need change, we the people of the united states should allow people to succeed because, that was the dream for America at one point ,and we need to share it with a young crowd that want it more than those that take it for granted...being brought to America as children was not their choose, but now grown up and with the dream to succeed, they are forced to work factory jobs, gardening etc... What a waste of mind... as i remember some of these individuals that I speak of were straight A students in high school with no documentation and after could not keep going due to their legal status. What a waste these young minds all they know is USA to young to remember back, home. brought up knowing our way of life, if one of these kids with an opportunity could cure cancer, fix the ozone layer, fix the economical crisis' we've got ourselves into, or save yours our one of your family members life, if we just help their dream become reality...

why are people so racist? I support the dream act and I think they should of passed it. Im an american myself and I dont see anything bad about this. People just think too much about themselves and dont try to help others.

Your parents brought you into here illegally;You received a "free" education at my expense, along with "free" healthcare, Section 8 housing and various forms of welfare; and now you want me to pay for you to have a college education, give you citizenship, and,once you get it,use it to make your family members,who are also here illegally, legal?

You say it's not your fault you're here? It's not my fault. I never wanted you here;never invited you here;never encouraged you to come.

You got a problem with the way you arrived, take it up with mom and dad.

I dream of keeping the money I work to earn, instead of having to continue to foot the bill for the millions of your countrymen who have come here in violation of our laws.You say you can't get a job here without a college education?

Millions of Americans can't get jobs,either. Go back to Mexico, or Guatemala or wherever,and see what kind of free education you get there. The seat that you vacate at the colleges will mean one more American gets an education

23 years old, was brought here when I was a baby, graduated at the top of my class;

All I want to do is become an architect but the best job I can get is mopping floors.

Now my dream of becoming a successful young woman are on the floor.

An Idea For A Real “American Dream Act” Bill & Counter Attack

First bring back our soldiers from this Afghanistan war that is costly and going nowhere. Middle Eastern and Asians love to see us waste money and go broke fighting for freedom when they don’t really want it. This is their main weapon and we keep falling into their trap. Then we need to regroup military troops and military force to invade/overthrow Mexico’s government turning it into a U.S territory.

The new land will be used as an industrial/business commerce zone. U.S citizens will be able to by property and have a dual citizenship between U.S and Mexico. Mexico will keep its current currency and there current government will be demoted to local municipal law enforcement as long as they surrender to the U.S.

The U.S will be in full control of all laws, local law enforcement, and military control. The path to dual citizenship will require the illegal immigrants living in the U.S to serve in the U.S military for teen years… Along with completing the invasion/overthrow of Mexican government to expand U.S lands, business, and revive our economy. For Mexico citizen requesting to come to the U.S temporary worker programs and legal paths to citizenship & residence will be granted to those who qualify.

Pass It On!!!

"They do not want to debate immigration, they do not want to defend their mass-deportation approach, and they will do almost anything to avoid even discussing it with Democrats or the American people."

Tacking this amendment to the coat tails of the defense spending bill is a typical tactic of politicians (no matter the party) so they can cry and moan about a filibuster endangering the troops.

If there was truly a dire need, why did they fail to make sure some of the 1 million plus work visas granted last year went to those already here?

People always complain that there is no money for this type of program. The gentleman above says He doesn't want to pay for this. This is what alot of Americans think too. There are tens of billions of tax dollars being held by the IRS and the government. Where do you think alot of this money came from? It came from immigrants who have worked in this country and paid taxes but never filed their incometaxes and the money stayed with the government. Some of which goes to pay for the services for the gentleman above. Think about how much money was sent to the the government and never claimed because of people just happy with the money they got in their checks. Think about how much money was paid in the last fifty years. I know this because I know alot of these people.

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