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David Hoffman: Not running for Chicago mayor. Statement


Friends and Supporters:

While many of you have not heard from me since the end of the U.S. Senate primary campaign in February, a large number of you have reached out to me in the last few weeks to tell me that I should run for mayor of Chicago. Thank you so much for your notes; I am truly flattered and humbled by your encouragement and interest.

I am writing today to tell you that after a great deal of deliberation, I have decided not to run for mayor. This is not the right time for us as a family to take on an endeavor like this. Political campaigns are always all-consuming affairs, and this race for mayor will be especially so given the compressed time frame and the nature of the race. I remain dedicated to improving our city and state and the integrity of our governments at all levels. But this is a time when I need to put our family first.

Like everyone in Chicago, I will be watching the upcoming campaign with interest. This change marks a time of opportunity for the city. Among other things, I look forward to hearing how the candidates plan to ensure that City government will operate with transparency and integrity and will provide opportunities in an equal fashion for all who seek them.

Thanks again for your notes and your support. Feel free to stay in touch with me through this email address, or through my Facebook page here.

All the best,

David Hoffman


Hoffman is a class act and someone we would all be proud of to represent us in public office.

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