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Admiral Mullen on Emanuel: "incisive," "direct," "engaged" and "undeterred."

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WASHINGTON--White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel--poised to leave the White House as early as Friday to run for Chicago mayor--was described Wednesday by Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as "incisive," "direct," "engaged" and "undeterred."

I asked Mullen about Emanuel at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. Emanuel and Mullen are central figures in "Obama's Wars," the new Bob Woodward book--portrayed at odds over Afghanistan troop levels.

What was Emanuel's style in those meetings? How did he get people to make decisions, I asked Mullen.

"I have found him incisive, direct, engaged and often times," said Mullen, who was interrupted by another reporter who said "Profane?"

"Actually not. Actually not, said Mullen, who picked up his train of thought on Emanuel, "and undeterred and I mean and somebody who I think has contributed significantly. That's about all I will say."

Watch for Obama to preside over the announcement--which could come on Friday--that Emanuel is departing from the White House. I'm told by insiders that Obama is likely to make the announcement from the Rose Garden--weather permitting, otherwise the Obama goodbye will be from inside the White House. Obama is expected at the same time to tap senior advisor Pete Rouse as the interim chief of staff.

As for Woodward's book--Mullen said he has not read it.

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