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Sen. Scott Brown headlines fund-raisers for Mark Kirk's Senate campaign

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WASHINGTON-- Sen. Scott Brown, the Massachusetts Republican who won the election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, the Democratic liberal lion---headlines fund-raisers Thursday for Rep. Mark Kirk's Illinois GOP Senate campaign.

Brown hits Chicago for a morning fund-raiser followed by an evening fund-raiser in DuPage County; the two events are expected to bring in $200,000. The campaign also likes the Brown story line--a Republican winning in a Democratic state.

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Ms. Sweet:

While Chicago has been responsibly managed by a Democratic Mayor for almost 20 years, and we have one of our own leading our country in the White House, let's not forget that 7 out of 19 of our House of Representative Delegation are members of the Republican Party. In addition, while many look for purity and neat buckets to put their candidates in, I prefer someone who will govern responsibly, honestly, and competently for all Illinoisians, and be loyal to his State and his Constituents above his party. Our state has suffered enough under the Tyrany of Rod Blogajevich and it is time for Independent Thinkers of the Next Generation to lead us forward.

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