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Obama's weekend with the boys; belated birthday BBQ Sunday


WASHINGTON--President Obama is having an extended birthday weekend with the boys while First Lady Michelle and daughter Sasha are having a girls vacation in Spain.

Obama played golf at Andrews Air Force Base on Saturday with longtime buddies and on Sunday will continue celebration of his 49th Aug. 4 birthday with a barbeque at the White House.

The Saturday golf group included Chicagoans Marty Nesbitt, who is the treasurer of Obama's presidential campaign and Eric Whitaker; from Obama's Occidential College days, Wahid Hamid; Punahou School classmates Michael Ramos, Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme; staffer Marvin Nicholson and Laurent Delanney, a pro tennis executive.

Obama turned 49 on Wednesday, with Mrs. Obama in Spain and daughter Malia, 12, at overnight camp.

Obama had a birthday dinner that night in Chicago at the graham elliot restaurant
with Nesbitt, Whitaker, Senior Advisor and pal Valerie Jarrett, Oprah Winfrey and her friend Gayle King.

Obamafoodorama reports that the East Wing confirmed that Mrs. Obama is expected back from Spain in time to make the belated birthday celebration
. On Sunday, Mrs. Obama and Sasha lunched with Spain's King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia at their Majorca summer palace before heading back to the U.S.


Wow, Michelle is averaging a vacation a month. And she chose to go to a country in as deep a financial crisis (or worse) than her own when she could have stayed here and spent all that "personal money" in the USA. The sheer brazen audacity of this bunch in the White House right now amazes me. Maybe Michelle should think out her vacations more carefully in the future. That campaign trail is going to prove to be a rough and rocky road. You thought the first one was rough. HA! Just wait.

It is heart warming to see a President that
is so down to earth. As a elderly African
American woman I wish my father was alive to
see the election of Pres. Obama and how he
has handled a most difficult time in American

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