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Obama gets birthday calls from Michelle & Sasha in Spain, Malia at camp on AF1 to Chicago


below, from the White House...

Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release August 4, 2010


Aboard Air Force One
En Route Chicago, Illinois

4:48 P.M. EDT

MR. GIBBS: I just have one real quick -- some birthday color updates for everyone. The President received two phone calls, first from the First Lady and Sasha, who, as you know, are traveling, to wish him a happy birthday. Then at lunchtime today -- I think everyone knows that, much to the President's chagrin, Malia is away at camp. She gets one phone call during that time away, and she used that phone call around lunchtime today to call in and wish her Dad a happy birthday. And needless to say, it was the -- both those calls were the highlights of his day.

So I wanted to give you a little birthday color. We'll have, obviously, more later this evening. He mentioned to me -- and I won't get real specific, but I asked him if he got any special gifts. The Secret Service detail got him a nice gift. We didn't want to get into specifics on what it is, but it was a heartfelt gift.

So I give you guys that for your birthday color. Enjoy your flight. Please buckle your seatbelts. Thank you.

Q Do we get to wish him a happy birthday, Robert?

MR. GIBBS: He's busy playing cards.

Q We want to wish him a happy birthday.

END 4:49 P.M. EDT



Poker? how much $$$ ???

The Plane is NOT called AIR FORCE ONE unless the President is actually ON IT.

Gibbs is wrong

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