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Obama birthday dinner guests: Oprah, Jarrett, Whitaker, King & Nesbitt UPDATED


UPDATE: Add Oprah Winfrey and Gayle KIng to the list of pals celebrating President Obama's birthday at a restaurant in Chicago's River North neighborhood.

WASHINGTON-- President Obama is celebrating his 49th birthday with a small group of longtime close friends at a trendy Chicago restaurant, graham elliot. The gang: Valerie Jarrett, Marty Nesbitt and Eric Whitaker. Jarrett is a White House senior advisor; Nesbitt was treasurer of Obama's presidential campaign. But on Wednesday night, their role was that of long-time buddies.

On the day Obama was elected president in 2008, he flew to Indiana--the last stop on his campaign plane--with Jarrett, Nesbitt and Whitaker.

. First Lady Michelle Obama is in Spain with Sasha, 9. Malia is at overnight camp. The Obama women earlier phoned in their birthday greetings while Obama was on Air Force One en route to Chicago.

The graham elliot (lower case preferred) restaurant at 217 W. Huron St. specializes in "new American" cuisine by chef Graham Elliot Bowles.

Pool Report:

Guests having birthday dinner with Obama at Graham Elliot include Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, University of Chicago Hospital Vice-President Dr. Eric Whitaker and The Parking Spot President and CEO Marty Nesbitt, White House Press Office told us.

Abdon Pallasch
Chicago Sun-Times


Why is it such a big deal if Michelle and her daughter goes to Spain. So what if they stay at a luxury resort, don't they deserve to go somewhere and not worry about all of the things going on it the world. I wish I could take my daughter someplace nice for a change. This woman deserves to relax and enjoy her child while she is still a child.

you know some people need to take a good look at there own lives. and stop making a judgement on what others do be glad for them, and find a way to make yourself one said a dam thing about how bush ,while his ass was in the house to what he has done to all of us and our country. find a way for self to take a vacation for your on time everybody need that today. so don't be the for you and stop judging.

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