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Michelle Obama, Sasha, land in Spain; at luxury Marbella resort on the Mediterranean


WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha, 9 landed in Malaga, Spain, according to EFE, the Spanish news agency.

Alicia Villapadierna, the wife of the co- owner of the swank hotel in Marbella, where Mrs. Obama was headed gave CNN an interview--in English--talking about Mrs. Obama's arrival.


Hope they have a wonderful vacation and I hope the press leaves the First Lady and her party alone!

And I only care about this because we the taxpayers are footing the bill for their vacation. They better have a good time. It will sure cost us an arm and a leg for it. And why go to Spain, Why not vacation in your own country?

What am I missing here? Its the guys birthday, so naturally the wife and one of his kids take off on a trip to Spain!?!
Also, has it occurred to the advsors of this clueless first family that is in very bad taste to go on (another) vacation while half the country is suffering from an economic crisis and can barely keep a roof over their heads? Worse yet, the poor American tax payer is footing the bill for the kind of trip most of us can't even imagine. Did she REALLY reserve 30 rooms??
Yeah, Michelle - have a great time.

I had to pay for all of those trips to the Crawford Ranch so now it is your turn. Suck it up!

I live next to the resort, You have no idea how much security , there's hidden everywhere in bushes etc.
they stop every car, so it's really safe.

Wellcome to Spain,Sasha & Michelle. You go to entertaining very much in Spain. It´s so so Funny and the happiest Country in the word. WELLCOME AGAIN!!!!

Let 'em eat paella.

There is no better country in the world for vacation but SPAIN
As Joan Miró once said
plus great food and goodhearted people

From Spain

Marbella was the wrong choice. I feel terribly sorry. This kind of environment is called "seedy" in your language.

Marbella was not on any map until some Saudi sheiks and their 20 wives anchored there with their yachts and started off an ugly real estate bubble. This ended in a series of high profile corruption scandals involving even notaries and other people of public trust.

It is a PR disaster that is hard to explain. Marbella is not the place any politician would want to be associated with now.

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