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Lynn Sweet on Michelle Obama Spain trip: On CBS "Unplugged" with Bob Schieffer

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1 Comment

Ms. Sweet, do you really expect the President and First Lady to vacation in Florida instead of places they would like to go if now more than to enrich their children cultural experience?

She was with a friend and if anyone do not interpret this close friend needed to get away and asked her friend who happens to be "The First Lady of the United States" could she attend, there is something wrong with the media and the other critics.

First Lady Michele Obama may not have seen her friend in quite some time and they got together after the friend's family passed away.

BTW, you sound silly when mentioning they will be in Florida for one day.

Do you want them to go to Disney World too?

As stated, your comments and Bob Schieffer's are inane.

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Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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