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Gibbs jabs at "professional left" Oy.

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WASHINGTON--White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs seemed to bite the hand that feeds--or at least fed--in an interview over at The Hill with Sam Youngman, where Gibbs dismissed liberals who criticized the Obama White House as the "professional left."
Gibbs did not host the White House briefing on Tuesday--Bill Burton did--and as Politics Daily's Alex Wagner reports, he had a lot of explaining to do.

Sam Stein at the Huffington Post
analyzes what Gibbs said and why.

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I listened to Gibbs this morning and i was really upset. I proudly consider my self a Liberal. I am a Ted Kennedy Liberal. For the first time ever i campaigned for President Obama. I worked my heart out for him along with Purdue students. We did want change and do want drastic change from the bush Administration. I have watched Obama waste precious time catering to the Republicans and the blue dog Democrats. How dare Gibbs and Obama talk like that about the People who elected him. The Republicans are never going to vote for him. We gave the Democrats a chance, and they are blowing it big time.

Lela Morgan

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