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Blagojevich slams prosecutor. Video

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Fristly, Blago wanted to do something illegal. I do not believe it is against the law to talk about doing something illegal. Even if you are a politician. It is morally wrong, but not legalistically wrong.

Take the Bible for instant. Believers break the Ten Commandments regularly, but are not found guilty by a court of law, or even religious leaders. Please, I am not talking pedophiles, just normal things we do in life.

The only one which people are punished for is the sixth one which states: 'You shall not murder.'

Secondly, Blago wanted to sell the seat, but where is the money for it. Blago wanted a ambassadorship for either his wife or himself but it did not materialize. Blago wanted funds from other politicians or fund raisers, but it never materialize. There is no paper trail only bluster, boastful and at times inane jargon which has been heard on the tapes.

To put it more concisely, no money or favors were ever exchanged between Blago and other interested parties.

Fitzgerald did his job. That was to stop the illegal selling of a senatorial seat before it happened. I commend him for that. He and the rest of the prosecution team has no reason to feel like losers.

Let Blago & Patti go play loony and if the media allow their fifteen minutes of fame to continue at least save tax-payers their money and utilize for more police personnel which is surely needed for the streets of Chicago.

It was a win-win situation for both parties. At least you got the guy for lying, which I do not how much jail time - if any - he will get for that.

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