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Will Chelsea Clinton convert? And why no one is wondering if the groom will.


Chelsea Clinton is getting married at the end of the month. There is fascination with all things about this wedding in some quarters, especially who will conduct the ceremony and, David Gibson at Politics Daily writes, if she will convert.

Chelsea, a Methodist is marrying Marc Mezvinsky, who is Jewish.

Writes Gibson, "It is telling that nowhere in the speculation among Jews is there any consideration that Marc Mezvinsky might become Christian."

Former President Bill Clinton will be walking his daughter down the aisle and not reprising his wedding role from last week.

On July 10, the ex-president officiated at the wedding of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) and Huma Abedin, the longtime personal assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Weiner is Jewish and Abedin is a Muslim.


Telling of what? That Jews are a little more reluctant to convert because there are so few of them compared to Christians and Muslims (what, the nation is 1-2% Jewish and the world is like .1%?)

I would think that at this time - "This marriage is set to "Be -tie the knot- simple- No going back." These are young people with "unique views-positive. Chelse want to be married and marc has accepted to wed her. Please give them a chance. let this marriage evolve. Let their be no biases- let these kids not be discouraged.
Their relationship has been a "long-time, not just "An instant thing" Over the year they gave a "deep thought to their differences." They are taking a risk. life is "a gamble." Please give them a chance- no biases, no prujudices- "LET THEM MARRY, MAY GOD BLESS THIS UNION- IN GOD'S NAME- AMEN- ALLELUYA- CHEERS- HIP!!!!!1 HIP!!!!!! HURRAY-

Why should it matter? My husband is Jewish and I am a Christian. His parents are Jewish and Catholic no one has converted and we are all happy as is. They will be too. Best wishes to them both.

Ms. Sweet why is chelseas wedding any of your business and whether she converts is no ones business but hers and her new husband. No wonder the clintons have kept everything so secret so people like you cant pick apart the wedding. shame on you.

I Did NOT Know Rep. Weiner Married A Beautiful Muslim Woman!! See,Jews and Arabs Can Love Another! Maybe Someday all This Hatred will Stop!!!!

do you convert just because you marry someone? you should convert if you are convinced and have evidence that what you are converting to is the truth.

So how to you convert on marriage. One day you think jesus is God and the next day you dont? Or vice versa. How do you convince yourself?

Check it out - their family religions ARE the same .... "the LOVE of $$$$" ....

In recent history, there was a "Final Solution" to reduce the number of Jewish people in the world, in the name of hate. Sixty five years later, with the epidemic of intermarriage being the primary factor, in the name of love, the Jewish population of the world is below zero population growth.
Jewish people, like the Mezvinskys, and their friends will get all dressed up on the Jewish Sabbath, to celebrate their son's personal participation in the further reduction of the Jewish population.
Published studies indicate that children of a Jewish intermarriage, have no greater incidence of marrying a Jewish partner and living a Jewish life, than any other gentile person in the general population.
The Jewish people make up 1% of the world population. Those of us Jewish people, who have a love of Torah, an appreciation of our customs and ceremonies and have a respect for the martyred generations who came before us, have a sense of duty, to see to it that our faith grows and thrives.
Should parents like the Mezvinskys sit Shiva for their son? Jewish law is clear, Shiva is observed only for the dead.
Should parents like the Mezvinskys proudly march down the aisle in front of the world, celebrating an event that will, in all probability, result in the further dwindling of the Jewish population?

I was very pleased to read your comments, Child. This is an issue which has been of concern to me as well. Many of us sit silently, afraid to say to our Jewish friends and neighbors, that we oppose intermarriage. We are a religion of brotherhood and sisterhood. We need each other to survive. The Mezvinskys display complete disregard of our faith, by showing the world that intermarriage is something for Jewish parents to celebrate, and on Shabbos yet. The Shlossbergs did the same, when their son Ed married Caroline Kennedy, in a church on Shabbos. The Schlossberg's progeny, Rose, Tatiana and John, are not Jewish.
The Clintons seem to have acted with disdain for the Jewish people, all along. The President sodomized a young and impressionable Jewish girl. Mrs. Clinton appeared on every major television news broadcast, calling the Jewish girl a liar and blaming a right wing conspiracy.
Mrs. Clinton, pandered to the Jewish voters to win her senate seat in NY. Once Mrs. Clinton began working for Obama, she turned her back on Israel and pandered to the Arab nations.
President Clinton is a very smart man. He understands the plight of the diminishing Jewish population, intermarriage being one of its greatest challenges. He is not satisfied that his daughter is going to be marrying a Jewish man, which will detrimentally affect the future of Judaism. He excitedly officiated at the wedding of Representative Anthony Weiner, a Jewish man and Huma Abedin, a gentile woman and a longtime aide to Hillary. The Clintons are actively participating in what has been termed the Silent Holocaust, Jewish intermarriage.
It is time for all Jewish people who care about the survival of our faith, to respond, "Will not attend," when invited to celebrate an intermarriage. Should Chelsea have a traditional conversion to Judaism before the wedding, the Jewish people would prosper, as we did when Ivanka Trump's became a member of our tribe.

BTW Weiner is NOT Jewish. His father is and not his mother, so in Jewish law he is a non-jew.

I oppose intermarriages because they accelerate the disappearance of ethnic cultures. Being that these two are so much in the public eye, everything they do ends up being a statement whether they intend it to or not. Their marriage is making a statement that smacks of disrespect for the Jewish family. How does a guy who cares enough to assert his Jewishness by wearing a tallit and kippah continue in a marriage in which he will have no Jewish children? It doesn't make sense from a religious/cultural stance. They're obviously not understanding their positions.

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