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Sam Kass, White House chef and policy advisor gets upgraded title


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Sam Kass in the White House kitchen garden with students (Photo by Lynn Sweet)

WASHINGTON--Sam Kass, the Chicago native who is a White House chef who helps shape the Obama White House food initiatives, title has been upgraded to reflect his growing policy role.

Obamafoodorama had the scoop: "Kass has been quietly promoted within the ranks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and is no longer known as Mrs. Obama's Food Initiative Coordinator. About a month ago, according to a White House source, Kass' title was changed from "Food Initiative Coordinator" to Senior Policy Adviser For Healthy Food Initiatives. There has been little fanfare, and no formal announcement from the East Wing or the White House about Kass' promotion.

...The new title more accurately reflects Kass' broad range of duties, as internal and external expert on all things health, kids, and food."

The East Wing told me Kass' title was changed to better reflect his role and he will not have any new duties.

Before coming to the White House, Kass was the Obama's personal chef. My Kass profile can be read here.


You must be kidding.

The torture never stops.

No doubt that his new "title" comes with a healthy pay increase, courtesy of the American taxpayer. I agree with Bonnie, they must be kidding.
Alas.................they're NOT

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