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Rod Blagojevich Trial Day 26: What will Rod do?

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Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich must decide today if he will testify at his criminal corruption trial. Sun-Times federal court reporter Natasha Korecki is reporting Blagojevich is not going testify--and goes through the plus and minus points Blagojevich and his defense team weighed in getting to that decision.

Prosecutors stunned Blagojevich will not testify.

From the Sun-Times: During preparations with his own lawyers and others, Blagojevich showed signs that he would have trouble answering questions clearly and succinctly and might not be able to withstand what is expected to be a withering cross examination, sources said. The defense also took into account the possibility that the government, which put on a quick case after only six weeks, had rebuttal witnesses ready, potentially including convicted businessman Tony Rezko.

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