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Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. comeback? Number 9 on "The Hill" beautiful people list

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WASHINGTON--The political career of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) took a nosedive in the wake of the arrest of now former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich--whose fate will be decided by a jury, to start considering his criminal case on Wednesday. Jackson's first bright spot comes via Wednesday's edition of The Hill, where he ranks number 9 on a list of Capitol Hills 50 "most beautiful" people.

There are no mentions of Jackson's political troubles back home in the glowing review.

An excerpt: "He is the co-chairman of the House Members' Wellness Center and has ushered in sweeping changes. Jackson, a fitness nut, converted one of the gym's racquetball courts into a space dedicated to martial arts, yoga, Pilates and the P90X exercise program popular with several lawmakers. (Changes were funded by members' dues, not by taxpayers', he's careful to point out.) He donated a blender and juicer so members can whip up protein shakes and other post-workout meals. And he wanders through the members-only space in the mornings to make sure his fellow lawmakers are happy and taking care of their health."

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