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CHICAGO--Over the July 4 weekend, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (D-IL) traveled to Poland and attended a conference in Krakow commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Community of Democracies. He also laid a cross at the grave of former President Lech Kaczynski, and delivered a resolution on behalf of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the entire House of Representatives expressing condolences for his passing.

"It was truly an honor to both represent the entire House of Representatives in Poland and pay my respects to a fallen president," said Quigley. "I made a commitment to the Polish community of my district that I would visit their homeland, and I come home with a newfound respect for Poland's commitment to democratic institutions."

In Krakow, Quigley attended a panel discussion featuring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Quigley continues to press Secretary Clinton and President Obama for action on including Poland in the Visa Waiver Program.

Earlier this summer, Quigley introduced and unanimously passed a resolution commending the Community of Democracies and Poland's contributions. He delivered copies of the resolution, H. Res. 1143, to foreign dignitaries from Poland, Portugal and Lithuania.


I am not usually prone to predictions; however, I will make an exception and suggest that U.S. Representative Mike Quigley has already earned an established place in our political system.

I have watched as he rose from his previous position with Cook County and have found him to possess admirable qualities.

I found that his taking on the jobs (for a day - in addition to his responsibilities as representative) of the people (recycling truck driver, mailman, etc.) indicated that he wanted to more fully understand the hard work of the people whom he is representing!

Going to Poland (which, I understand, is the only community in the EU which has not or is not currently suffering from a recession) was, I am sure, appreciated not only by those of Polish lineage (like myself) but all those who admire and respect a democracy (again, like myself!).

People here in Poland are so pissed at US government because of no visa waiver program. As of now, Poland is the only member of Schengen area that is not included in VWP.
Well if the refusal rate for tourist visas to the US has to narrow all the way to three per cent, why don't you tell your embassy clerks to accept more applications, it can't get any simpler.
Plus, I don't see why we had our troops in Iraq for so long while we gained absolutely no ECONOMIC benefits. Now we're sending more and more troops to Afghanistan to fight this war on terror and Americans again don't see this as the closest act of being an ally. It's ridiculous.

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