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Obama to tape ABC's "The View" on Wednesday


WASHINGTON--Whoopi Goldberg announced on "The View" Monday morning that President Obama will join the ladies on the show on Wednesday. Obama will be in New York for Democratic fund-raisers. The show will be broadcast on Thursday.

Rod Blagojevich on "The View," January, 2009.

Michelle Obama on "The View," where she talks about how she stopped wearing panty hose "a long time ago," June 18, 2008.

Obama was a guest on "The View" during the presidential campaign, March, 2008.

Barbara Walters, speaking for her female co-hosts told him at the time, "we thought you were very sexy looking." Obama fanned himself after the gush.

Here is the LINK to the "Sexy Obama" segment on "The View."


How classless for a President to go on such a lightweight show of idiots. Is there no end to how low he can bring the office of POTUS?

I just wonder if Barack will join the ladies for that opening segment, Hot Topics, where they bitch and moan about things in the “news”, or as I like to call it…Bitchin’ Kitchen. Imagine if Obamski was including in the real nonsense that these gals obsess on like Kim Kardashian’s Tweets, Al Gore’s Masseuse-Gate, Lindsay Lohan’s Mug Shot, Snooki’s Pay Raise.

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I congratulate Obama for this outreach! How better to reach the common person? How else can he counteract the idiocy broadcast by the likes of Glenn Beck?

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