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Obama tapes ABC's "The View" today. Smart messaging?

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WASHINGTON--President Obama tapes ABC's "The View" on Wednesday, an interesting booking by the Obama messageers. Good idea? Here's my take. The Obama segment will be broadcast Thursday.

And here, for all "The View" and the White House fans, here is the link to Obama and First Lady Michelle's previous guest stints on the show.

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Being a long time supporter of the President but not someone who watches The View, I am looking forward to seeing the President in this setting. Not everyone watches cable news or politics 24/7 like I do. Most women watch this type of programing, I think??? Who knows, I may become a View fan and get a nice break from MSNBC and CNN. This would be great for my blood pressure, though the clips I have seen from the show...may have to turn back to the news to relax, but never Fox, ever, never. Thanks for the heads up Lynn. I am a fan of your honest and interesting reporting. Love seeing you on MSNBC. Have enjoyed your "Blago" coverage.

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