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Obama on Snooki, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson and Chelsea Clinton's wedding


WASHINGTON -- During his appearance on "The View," President Obama got a quiz on celebrities in the news -- Snooki, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson.

During the show, which was taped in New York Wednesday but broadcast Thursday, the president also told the hosts he was not invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

Host Joy Behar tested Obama on popular culture with a few questions, starting with, "Do you know that Lindsay Lohan is in jail?"

"I actually know that, yes. I did,'' said Obama.

Then Behar wanted to know, "Does Mel Gibson need anger management?"

". . . I haven't seen a Mel Gibson movie in a while,'' Obama pleaded, though at issue were tapes of his angry conversations.

Referring to the ''Jersey Shore'' television personality, Behar asked, ''Should Snooki run as mayor of Wasilla?''

"I've got to admit, I don't know who Snooki is." But Obama made a joke about Snooki in his comedy routine delivered at the White House Correspondents Association dinner May 2.

Other highlights:

• Host Barbara Walters asked Obama -- with a black father and white mother -- why he calls himself black.

Said Obama, "You know, part of what I realized was that if the world saw me as African-American, then that wasn't something that I needed to run away from. That's something that I could go ahead and embrace. And the interesting thing about the African-American experience in this country is that we are sort of a mongrel people. I mean, we're all kind of mixed up."

• On Chelsea Clinton's wedding: Asked by Walters if he was invited, Obama said, "You know, I was not invited because I think Hillary and Bill properly want to keep this as a thing for Chelsea and her soon-to-be husband. And I'm going to have the exact -- I'm letting you guys know now, y'all probably will not be invited to Malia's wedding or Sasha's wedding.''


The media is obviously desperate for news... making so much of the comment our president made about not knowing "snooki". The joke he made regarding her earlier was from a written script,a monologue made for him! To try to make it appear that he was lying is so ridiculous it just makes those talking about it look stupid and immature.
I am so embarrased by the low standards and childish way the media represents situations happening today. There are much more important things to bring to the attention of the people of this country than what the president said of an actress on a reality show. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I doubt this will be accepted because it doesn't fit the catagory of today's reporting. (Like if Jennifer Anniston is really teasing us about her new love, or is it the "real deal".....(grrrrr)

It’s not even a “when will these celebrities learn?” thing anymore. It’s a “when will the general public learn?” thing. When will the general public learn that these celebs are just like anyone else. Everyone knows a screw up, these unfortunate celebs just so happen to be screw ups as well. It doesn’t make them bad people and it most certainly doesn’t make YOU any better than them.

Still, for the sake of fun, here is the TOP FOUR CELEBS IN JAIL… RIGHT NOW!

With Snooki's comments on Obama's tanning tax, he knows who she is. To deliver a monologue correctly, you have to understand the meaning behind the jokes. This is just a superficial example of the president's ability to manipulate information.

The only thing worse than the President of the United States showing up on The View is the President of the United States being asked such dumb and impertinent questions.

Barbara Walters, if you're out there and marginally literate, go read a book - preferably one about etiquette.

Thank you, we'll take that for Russian audience
Best regards,

Always entertaining to see Americans respond to catching their reflection in the mirror.

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