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Obama family heading to Florida Gulf Coast, Martha's Vineyard for vacations


Below, from the White House....

Preliminary August Vacation Details

On Saturday, August 14th, the First Family will travel to Florida's Gulf Coast, where they will spend the weekend. Both the President and Mrs. Obama have travelled to Florida's gulf coast in recent weeks and they look forward to returning for the weekend.

On the 19th, the Obama family will travel to Martha's Vineyard. After a busy and productive July, they are looking forward to returning to Martha's Vineyard to spend time together as a family before heading back to Washington on the 29th.

Additional details will be available at a later date.


The jobless and homeless will really be happy that their President and family are enjoying another hard earned vacation! How stupid must the people who elected him and those who didn't vote must rightly feel!

Why don't you look up George Bush Jr.'s record for presidents going on vacation? Plus, him going to the Gulf Coast for vacation will help boost tourism there, or don't you think that is important?

I feel stupid for sharing a country with you.

How will Obama going to the Gulf Coast increase tourism? This guy is the worst US President in history. If you feel stupid sharing this country and you are so supportive and content with this type of government move to China or Russia.

I am always astounded by the volume of retoric from the far left and the far right. the fact that the only reason so many on the right and in the south hate this president even though he spreads money around the economy on vacation, unlike george bush jr who spent 1/3rd of his presidency in Crawford Tx, is that President Barrack Hussain Obama is a black man. While the bigots are afraid to admit that the fact is they are prejudiceand that is clear to everyone; because they don't want to be labeled and hated the same way they do themselves. You all should be happy as hell that his family is coming to a disaster like Florida. It is a good thing there are so many electoral votes there otherwise he would treat you the same way alaska or montana get treated. personally I think there is no reason to go east of the rockies. it's flat and filled with small minded men that make up for that fact with big trucks if your picking up what I am putting down. enjoy the humidity and smell. I'm headed to Hawaii from now on. they appreciate my money and I get far better service. I hear Cuba is looking for more sheep since everyone that can think for themselves have left or are trying to. Maybe Mr Rhodes and the coward that used only his or her initials may consider moving there. Everyone is forced to think the same way unlike in the USA. I'm damn proud have served this country in conflict and damn proud to be an American. I would hope everyone with an opion could say that even though that thinking is wishful.

Krent said: "personally I think there is no reason to go east of the rockies."

Hey Krent, if only Obama had followed your directive, this would be a much happier, prosperous time in our nation's history.

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