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Michelle Obama adds Spain trip to 2010 vacation schedule


WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama has added another vacation to her summer schedule, with a trip to Spain with daughter Sasha, 9, next month, the White House announced on Monday.

The travel is being billed by the White House as a "private mother-daughter trip with longtime family friends." The additional vacation travel comes when Malia, 12, will be going off to overnight camp for the first time.

While the trip is being described as "private," "while in Spain, Mrs. Obama will pay an official visit to Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia of Spain at their invitation," the White House said, with the activities to be closed to the press.

That the East Wing is announcing the trip is a welcome improvement. I'm all for giving Mrs. Obama and the kids lots of privacy -- but when they start hanging out with heads of state, well, that's worth letting the public know. In June 2009, Mrs. Obama's office declined to disclose in advance Mrs. Obama's travel to London and Paris where the first lady and her daughters visited the French president at the Elysee Palace and the wife of a now former British prime minister at No. 10 Downing St.

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WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama has added another vacation to her summer schedule, with a trip to Spain with daughter Sasha, 9, next month, the White House announced on Monday.

The travel is being billed by the White House as a "private mother-daughter trip with longtime family friends." The additional vacation travel comes when Malia, 12, will be going off to overnight camp for the first time.

While the trip is being described as "private," "while in Spain, Mrs. Obama will pay an official visit to Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia of Spain at their invitation," the White House said, with the activities to be closed to the press.

That the East Wing is announcing the trip is a welcome improvement. I'm all for giving Mrs. Obama and the kids lots of privacy -- but when they start hanging out with heads of state, well, that's worth letting the public know. In June 2009, Mrs. Obama's office declined to disclose in advance Mrs. Obama's travel to London and Paris where the first lady and her daughters visited the French president at the Elysee Palace and the wife of a now former British prime minister at No. 10 Downing St.

Mrs. Obama will have no public schedule between this week and the end of August. She has several vacations lined up and some summer trips already taken:

On the weekend of Aug. 14, the first family weekends on the Florida Gulf coast, part of an appeal by President Obama and the first lady to encourage gulf tourism in the wake of the BP oil spill. Between Aug. 19 and 29, the first family will vacation on Martha's Vineyard, where they spent part of last summer. No dates have been announced for the Spain trip.

The summer started with a Memorial Day weekend trip to Chicago; the family went to the Camp David presidential retreat before July 4; they weekended in Maine, sightseeing in Acadia National Park, departing on July 16 and returning Sunday afternoon July 18. Mrs. Obama took her daughters and her mom, Marian Robinson, to Los Angeles in June. In March, over spring break, Mrs. Obama with her daughters, mom and some pals hit New York for a round of Broadway shows.

Since many of you ask when there are stories about presidential vacation travel: Mrs. Obama always flies on a U.S. government plane; she pays personal expenses herself. Her friends are not flying with her. She will travel with "minimal" staff.

And catching up on the home front: President Obama said in an ABC interview that Malia and Sasha get an allowance and "they're starting to get old enough where they may be able earn some money baby-sitting."


Babysitting...really?? Where is the baby in the house? Or do they mean the Prez? LOL

The question really is: when is it an "official trip" and when is it a vacation disguised as an official trip?

I think a lot of taxpayers are wise to the game
the Obamas play.


Michelle Antoinette will justify the lavish, expensive vacation and grab it on the taxpayers' dime by meeting with the king of Spain and therefore making the trip "official business."

This isn't the first time this has happened with the Obamas. The Grand Canyon vacation was also on our dime. Barry and Michelle made up a lame excuse to justify it.

Thirty rooms at a 5-star hotel is not a trip with minimal staff.

The Obamas need to pay for their own vacations just as everyone else does.

This is a disgrace when so many average Americans can't afford even modest vacations this year.

Shame on Michelle Obama!

Is Malia doing her laundry yet? Sure, we all believe that one, too!

Since we are in a recession, why oh why can't Michelle vacation in America instead of Spain, spend her own money on personal expenditures (in America), stay in an American Hotel, and save the taxpayers money on the government plane.

Has anyone asked the President how much this trip is going to cost John Taxpayer? The cost of Secret Service and other security measures. At least Bush went home to his ranch.

Talk about out of touch! How many vacations do they need with the tax payers footing the bill! We are alll out her cutting back and they are having parties, and vacations with no thought of the American people. Shame on this president and the thoughtlessness of this administration --
Unemployment going to 10%, taxes on everyone going up, Our health care is now taken over and ruined - and what do they do? Party and vacation - and make more boring speaches - JUST WORDS - JUST WORDS!


Thank you for clarifying that Mrs Obama pays her personal expenses. Many taxpayers think we pay for everything. She must fly in a government plane for security purposes if for no other reason. When I read Laura Bush's book, she indicated her daughters flew commercial and that she and the president paid for that. Mrs. Bush also mentioned she paid for her hair stylist and all the dresses she wore. By the way, read Mrs. Bush's book and you will learn alot about what we pay for and what we don't in regards to the presidential family.

How does Mrs. Obama's summer travels with daughter(s) compare with Mrs. Clinton's and Mrs. Bush's family summer vacations and trips with daughters while in the White House?

Michelle Obama going to Spain with her daughter at TAX PAYERS EXPENSE is a slap on the face of every american. This is a shameless scorn to our country. It is IMORAL and CRIMINAL!!!! The Obamas are taking advantage of his position to do as much traveling- dining - and wining at the taxpayers expense because he knows this is the only opportunity he has. He knows in his heart that he will never be given a second term in office because the American people has finally caught up with his SCAMS!!!! This MIXED BRED idiot deserves a BOOT on his throat and a swift KICK IN HIS ASS!!! How much do these unecessary trips cost us, the tax payers???? considering the cost of the airplane flight (polluting the enviroment?), the security detail, the accomodations for all the personel traveling with them including the meals and miscelanious expences!!!!! All this when we are dealing with HIGH UNINPLOYMENT, HIGH DEFICIT and DEPT,TWO WARS and much more. This whole OBAMA family is an embarasment to all of us.

Oh, come on -- people are still traveling despite the recession. If you had young children and had an opportunity to take them to see other countries you WOULDN'T?? Big deal. Every President's family has traveled. I never condemned any of them for doing it. Hell, I would!

Worst economy since the depression, largest deficit 4 times over ever and most vacations in history.

They fell our pain, yep.

These are the most narcissistic people ever.

Impeach the massive liar Obama and hang Dick Cheney for treason

Michelle O , the owner of the WH garden for homeless people. The homeless people, jobless people and all misfortunate will benefit most drastically if you stop spending millions of tax payers’ money on year round vacationing, every day new cloths and dinners at the WH. Reduce WH budget first, and then regulate others.

The most shameless 1st Lady in the history of the USA. That is the rule of ethics: If you spend your own money, you have the right not to allow the press to be present. You spend our money; we want to know what money is spent for. Do you need to go with a battalion of baddies and use 30 rooms? We,the People think, that Barry and You redistributed too much of our wealth for your personal agenda. Apparently, your personal agenda are not the American People agenda.

Would Michelle Obama pay for her and her daughter to go to Spain if we the tax payers would not be footing the bills? And, what type of family would take only part of the family on such an expense trip? And, in our economy way don't the Obama's keep the cost of this trip at home in the U.S. were it will help keep Americans employed? And, why doesn't the President of the U.S. go to the 100 year celebration of the Boy Scouts of America? It seems they believe We The People are now their servants and they do not care about We The People of the United States, only about their wants. We The People MUST act in our best interest and send the Obama's back to Chicago.

Would you people be complaining as rudely about the former 'First Lady' who took numerious trips all over the world.

From wiki with references:

During President George W. Bush's second term, Laura was more involved in foreign matters. She traveled to numerous countries as a representative of the United States.

As First Lady, she took five goodwill trips to Africa.[47] The purpose of these has mostly been to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and malaria, but Bush has also stressed the need for education and greater opportunities for women.[48] She has taken many other trips to other countries to promote and gain support for President Bush's Emergency Plan for AIDS relief;[49] these countries include Zambia (2007),[50] Mozambique (2007),[51] Mali (2007),[52] Senegal (2007),[53] and Haiti (2008).[49]

In mid-2007, she took a trip to Burma where she spoke out in support of the pro-democracy movement, and urged Burmese soldiers and militias to refrain from violence.[54] Later that October, she ventured to the Middle East. Bush said she was in the region in an attempt to improve America's image by highlighting concern for women's health, specifically promoting her breast cancer awareness work with the US-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.[54][55] She defined the trip as successful, saying that stereotypes were broken on both sides.[54]

She is the 'First Lady' for cripes sake. She flies on government planes because she's well , the 'First Lady'. Did you guys just miss the part of the article where Ms Sweet very clearly says " Mrs. Obama always flies on a U.S. government plane; she pays personal expenses herself. Her friends are not flying with her. She will travel with "minimal" staff."

Let me say, bravo Mrs. Bush, you were doing very good work in the name of the United States. I’m sure that your ‘trips’ abroad were successful and greatly appreciated by the millions of people you were trying to help. We won’t talk about the cultural side trips to take in the local beauty; since I’m sure that was never worked into the itinerary. Now that we have a new ‘First Lady’, the status of, and respect for any undertaking by this new ‘First Lady’ just isn’t worthy of notice, except as a means to ridicule and debase.

I am 62 years old and the level of hate that has/is being displayed toward this 'First Family' by my fellow citizens is disgraceful. It truly boggles the mind that so much idiocy, bigotry, and lunacy has emerged since Jan. 20, 2009.

You all do realize that the rest of the world can see what base people you are. I would prefer that they didn't see this side of America. But then just as I do, you can say anything you want and hide behind the anonymity of the internet.

@ Pat Patterson: "personal expenses" does not include the cost of air travel and security that will be expensed. That is paid for with tax dollars.
If she were to stay within the United States, that cost would be less because cities have resources for providing protection.
An international trip, however, requires travel and accomodation expenses for the security that must travel with her.
It's really not that tax dollars are being's the sheer unnecessary amout that is being spent.

Well said J Keenee. The words "idiocy, bigotry, and lunacy" describe these bitter haters to a "T". I honestly think most of them need to be committed.

(pardon the previous post)

Michelle Obama loves spending our hard earned money. I really have a problem with MOBAMA flying all over the country and the world and to visit "royalty." It is not a private trip if she is going to visit anyone in that position. She should be held accountable for this, and for what she spends, and just exactly what in the world she is doing on the taxpayers dollar. Obama and his wife have a lot to answer for spending this kind of money, in this econmy, the lack of jobs, and people barely making it. This is a disgrace. MOBAMA is a sham. She has no place doing this kind of thing ... Obama needs to be held accountable, and better yet voted out of office in 2012. These 2 people are ROBBING the American people.

Have to agree that this is too much for the tax payers. As well, Mrs. O is taking her "Chicago Posse" with her to Spain! Oh wait - most of them now have been appointed to high ranking jobs within the administration! I'm a die-hard democrat but now sorry I voted for this team.

Some of Mrs. Obama's critics are missing the point, especially by comparing her escapades with Mrs. Bush. We are in a terrible economic situation now and they have had dinner dates (to New York and Chicago)on our expense (where have most of you gone - we haven't been able to go on any dinner dates out of town flying on a big airplane1), many trips over the country such as Grand Canyon, Western North Carolina, Maine, Chicago, and trips planned to the Gulf Coast and to Nantucket still to come, as well as the girls and Grandmother to Paris. This doesn't include the Super Bowl Party, the Wed. night socials and the fancy dinner parties hosted. If the economy was flying strong, not as much would be said. But this is just a great example of "Distributing the Wealth - yours and mine, not theirs!" People, PLEASE WAKE UP! 2010 and 2012 are important voting years. Don't vote for race, looks, or name recognition. Know who and what you are voting for, please, for the sake of our country and our future.




Can someone post the "transparent" costs of this summer vacation to Spain for Michelle and her daughter?
Also how many aides accompanied them and why did they leave on an Air Force plane on a non business trip. Did she take her hairdresser and cook?
And one more thing why are they gone on the Big "O's" Birthday!!! I thought family birthdays were sacred.

Michelle fancies herself to be royalty. She is NOT. She can quite aptly be compared to the Pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm, who reserved the best for themselves while enslaving the others.

She is shameless,greedy and yes ugly. The problem with her escapades is that she and her husband ran on changing things for the better. She is actually worse and things are worse.

How about feeding the homeless for the price of her travels w/30 staffers to Spain?

This ugly woman is a disgrace, look at how she rushes to grace magazine covers etc., etc., competing with Oprah. She could so much more than the token projects she has embarked on. I was never fooled by those two. Can't wait for these next 2 yrs. to be over. Away with Mugly!!1

why is she going to spain and why did she leave the president on his birthday ??
Is the first lady in love with someone elese ?? this is very strange ??? first the 20 visits to the treasuary department and now this??/ then topping this off with the kids being sent to summer camp sounds like a split up ....i sincerly hope that I am wrong ...but most times than not I never get it wrong , but time will tell.......

It is going to cost over $1MM for the plane and for the hotel for four days, much less food or the entourage. Doesn't Michelle think that Sasha would have a better time at the beach in Florida. If she is going to spend our money, doesn't she have a clue about "redistibuting" the wealth to the needed tourism trade in America?
They think they are rock stars.

In response to the wiki article listing Laura Bush's travel.. did the poster take note that all this travel was to highlight an agenda of AIDS awareness and give promotional speeches to address this cause? This was not bring 40 personal friends along to a 5 star resort on the coast of Spain to hob nob with the King and Queen..

If FLOTUS wants to fly all over the world - as mentioned in the Laura Bush dig - fine, lets see her diary and hear all the compelling speeches about her cause.. wait a minute .. what exactly IS her cause? Oh, that's right childhood obesity.. so where's the speech Michelle? No place better to address the obesity problem then sunny ole Spain?

Why wait until 2012. Impeach the buffoon now.

I can not believe our country is accepting this trip. We need to have some oversight on the expense account of the "First Family". What are we Americans idiots...

The full cost of the trip may not be covered/paid by the American tax payer but they will be responsible for a large portion of it. The tax payer will be responsible for the expense of the secret service (their travel, their food and their lodging). Does she have the freedom and or right to travel as much as she does? Maybe. If they had to pay for EVERYTHING (this means the secret service, the gas for the plane and the planes staff) then the answer would be, yes. But as long as the tax payer is picking up ANY portion of the bill some restraint needs to take place. Is she sending a message to the taxpayers by all the travel? Yes. Is it a positive message? No. Rome is burning and the leaders are playing their fiddles. They, the Obama's, have a responsibility to be fiscally responsible with the taxpayers money and by taking all these trips they are being irresponsible. The message is clear, since we can we will. So much for the change he promise. Maybe the change he was talking about is what I would have left in my pocket once he was done spendin/taking my money. Isnt it quite convenient that anyone who critizes him and his family can be labeled a bigot.

maybe shes just trying to add "international diplomacy" ( obama referred to that as "tea partys with diplomats wives" when hillary did it) to her very thin resume so that when king obama dies or retires she can be queen.

People, what is going on?! The majority of these comments are extremely harsh and hateful. Let us not forget the country's financial problems STARTED with Mr. Bush, not Mr. Obama. In addition, we should be very proud that our image world-wide is improving. When I travel outside of the country every summer (my husband is European), I no longer feel the need to hide the fact that I'm from the U.S. For those of you all who are less educated and less cultured (which sounds like the majority in this forum), the international trips that the First Family is taking aids in repairing all of the “damaged relationships” caused during the Bush years. And if you don't believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy global community, then you will not understand what I’m saying anyway. God help us...........especially the ignorant citizens of the U.S.

PS. I’m happy that the First Lady could come over here to Europe and get away from the extreme ignorance and bigotry that she has to put up with everyday from you all.


I think this trip is way over the line. It is one thing for her to go someplace but to take all of her friends and family is really blatant disrespect for the people of this country. I remember when the Clintons did the same with their friends. Talk about guts!! There will definatly have to be restrictions put in place on this kind of thing. We can't have people in office taking advantage of the tax payer.

From yesterday's White House Press Briefing:

Q Okay, one last thing real quick. Just to get it on the record, the First Lady’s trip to Spain with Sasha, what portion of that is paid by taxpayers and what portion by --

MR. GIBBS: I would point you over to the First Lady’s office. It’s a private trip and is being paid for that way.

When I read the pettiness and hateful uninformed comments here I'm stunned. Why? Why be mad at her for taking a vacation with her children and sending her children to camp like thousands and thousands of parents do every year. She doesn't need our money to vacation..she's a Princeton lawyer who has worked steadily since she graduated. I'm sure she has enough money for vacation. I realize people are mad,scared and angry at the current situation in our country. The Obamas aren't to blame for the mess we're in. We are. This is the price we pay for letting previous Congress Senates and Presidents run amok while we entertained ourselves with easy undeserved credit,money and cheap, gas and foreign goods they threw at us to keep us busy. Being racist and stupid, starting new political parties, bashing the President and his family at every turn will NOT get us out of the mess we're in. Until we learn to accept reality and commit to respecting each other on every level nothing will help us.

Spain is a bit expensive for her right now... considering this ((6,500.00 EUR = 8,584.21 USD))
I mean she's losing americans money.. like if she brought 8.500 USD to Spain.. she will be given 6.500 Euros...

Apart from that... I agree with you SM from Florida. The problems stared with Bush... and our low education is shameless. :(

If the country was evenly moderately fiscally sound, I don't think anyone, including myself, would care about Mrs. Obama's European vacation. This is not the case, however, as the U.S. continues to see an increase in the national unemployement rate. So many Americans, educated and uneducated, are struggling to make ends meet. The Obama's lack of consideration for the plight of the American people is not a partisan issue. This is an "entitlement" issue. Democrat or Republican, this decision to vacation in Spain is gauche and lacks class. The President should have insisted that the vacation, if she must have one, take place on the Gulf Coast.

Who takes 40 people with them on vacation? Isn't that the reason people go on vacation, to get away from family?
Queen Michelle's vacation during a time of 10% unemployment is as gaffe-y as a Joe Biden utterance.
The Obamas days as royalty are numbered, & they know it, so they're livin' large while they can.

I read that Mrs. Obama's flying to and from Spain is going to cost taxpayers nearly $147,000 alone. I also read that nearly 70 rooms have been reserved for the "Obama Party." So, yes--I also ask the President and his wife how much we taxpayers are being asked to pay for Mrs. Obama's Marie Antoinette style extravaganza.
According to reports ,by her visiting Spain's figure-head King and his wife, Mrs. Obama can say this is legitimate business. If so, since when does the First-Lady represent the US with other governmental officials?
Reading about this trip really makes me livid. To think this country is going through such an economic crisis, that millions are without work and that millions who do have a job cannot afford a vacation themselves but see their taxes spent on the First Lady's fun and games.
The Obamas have become a disappointment. We thought they would represent "Main Street" but apparently they have become part of the rich and powerful who will suck the middle class out of every dime they have.
Earl Shumaker

How dare this woman who does not express pride in the United States of America waste taxpayers money to finance her trip to spain. Does she need her entourage? Isn't it a shame with all the people in the US out of work, losing their home and barely being able to feed their families and she wastes money on her trips. Where is her flag on her dress? How embarassing!

She is a disgrace to the status of wife of the President. Thoroughly disgusting.

Who gave, it seems like absolute power, the right and unlimited amount of money to Secret Service? Who gave them the power of closing whole city blocks, restricting peoples free movements when "King" is in town? Whom gave them these powers to apply and spend freely even on "Kings" family members?
To me this is an outrageous expensive circus where Secret Service isolate "King" from the people who elected him.
This isolation is nowhere as visible around the world as
much as it is here. I see nations leaders in Europe freely walking in the streets among the people, shaking hands with them, symbolizing the common feelings. If majority of a nation disaproves leaders, political system overthere make them to resign. Our system seems to miss this safety valve to remove liar from high office. The only way to remove him is thru impeachment.
No wonder that this isolation and politicaly correct media gave Obamas this sense of beeing King and Queen.

Over 300,000 families are loosing their homes every month
in our country and Queen Obama is renting 30 rooms at Ritz-Carlton rezort in Spain on taxpayer?

SM in Florida, You miss the point. It's the
trip's gigantic, obscene cost to the taxpayer
that people are angry about. As to sucking up to
the Europeans so that they 'love' us. Who cares?
And since when have Americans become secondary
to others? I'd say never. We don't need to
apologize to anybody. By the way SM both my
husband and I are born and raised Europeans but
proudly chose to be Americans!
The democrats took charge of Congress after
2006. Quit blaming Bush. I remember Obama
mentioning he was going to fix everything if we
voted him in. Well has he fixed everything?????

i am not an obama supporter but to say the woman
is ugly is redicules. some people should grow up and develope some kindness in their heart.

Thank You J. Keene! You so articulately stated exactly what I was thinking!!
I am embarrassed that there are so many rude, obnoxious 'Americans'!!

The ignorant, hateful views expressed towards the First Lady and the Obama family here is pathetic. The stupidity and twisting of the facts makes me ashamed there are people like you in America. You probably call yourselves Christians too.

147,000. to go to spain and there are people starving and out work.they really do not get it,I AM FED UP DEMOCRAT!!!

Barack, Rome is burning! Party on!

Another example of this adminstrations lack of empathy towards their constituants. I don't blame the family for taking some time off for R&R, we all do it. Taking 8 vacations in one season, seems kind of obnoxious to me, and we all know that a major expense is the entourage that must accompany them, needed or un-needed. The goverment spends money like it isn't theirs, it's ours.

So, Who are you voting for in the next election ?

Have a great trip Lady Obama.

I remember the international trip I took with my daughter something like a rite of passage it was wonderful.

She will always remember which is priceless.

Find a job for those haters and spend more time with your kids and less time is short.....

this is to Dar! Get your head out of the sand!!! who cares if they send their kid to camp or go on a vacation, that is not what people are talking about. What they are talking about is the blatent disreguard for spending tax payers money when we are in one of the worst recessions in history. Who cares if they take vacations, let them vacation somewhere that doesnt cost so much money to the tax payers. Not only did she choose a destination that was ligistically exspensive, i dont think flying a huge private jet is cheap, the gas, exspense of staff, they have to stay there while she is in spain waiting to go back to the states and wait for her until she leaves. who pays for that bill, tax payers. private jet, fuel, at least two pilots, at least a staff of 10 on board, food, drinks,hotel accomadations for the crew, thats not all she choose to bring with her 40 of her closest friends and family. This is no way for a first lady to conduct herself. If her and her husband were going on official business, no kids, no friends or family then i could see it. This is just a blatant in your face nightmare. she says that she is travaeling with minimal staff, why does she need any staff when she is on vacation? What is minimal staff anyway 20, 30 people, how many secret service agents? How many hotel rooms? she said she is paying her own but that is one person, what about her staff, secret service? is she paying for them too? I don't think so. her private exspenses are easy, its the circus around her that is exspensive. She is a smart woman and is well aware of this. I am very disappointed in these to. They havent done anything but make it harder to get a loan No wait, obama did make it easier for people who actually had a hand in the distruction of the housing market and our economy the past few years, the people who bought homes and couldnt afford it, he made it easier for them to keep their homes!!! He set money aside for them to refinance at a much lower rate than i have and keep their home. Someone like myself who played by the rules, paid everything on time, the backbone of society saw their home value go down 50 [percent and not able to get a loan because we didn't quality for his plan. We have watched our way of life go down the tubes thanks to obama. everything has gotten harder on the middle class not better like he said would happen. I only hope he doesnt get another term in office, he has been a huge disappointment and his wife has been an even bigger disappointment!!! I thought first ladies did charity work, help the country not take 8 vacations in the past year!~!!

what a discrase to America and she doesnt care about her own country.worst thing she could of done.she has no respect for the american people.we are in a recession and she doesnt care about spending money does she.she is the worst lady first we eevr have known .she is very selfish and it seems to me she wants to get eevrything in before 2012 because they will loose and go down as the worst in history.lies and more lies .2010 all dems out and rebulicans in.she is living it up spending tons of taxes ours and shame shame on makes me ill

These "many vacations" appear to be mostly weekend trips. Anybody else take weekends off????
Jackie: the quality of life was going down the tubes with baby Bush. I played by the rules too and had my house devalue in 2008 by $300K. That wasn't Obama - but he inherited a mess, that's for sure. Get your facts straight, please.

Let them eat cake. This is the hope & change? People are losing their jobs & homes & the Obamas are on yet another expensive vacation paid for by the citizens who are now on the street. What is wrong with this picture? Vote them OUT in 2012!

Are you seriously going to compare Mich. Obamas lavish vacation to spain with Laura Bush's trips to Burma and Africa.

Hey kids, pack your bags! We're going to spend the week in luxurious Africa with the mosquitoes and HIV! Don't forget your malaria nets.

I hardly know who to be the most aggravated with - those who complain about the extravagant over-spending of the Obama family at taxpayers expense, or those who insist that it's perfectly alright to do it because other president's have done it over the years. (although our economy has never been in such a mess before this)
OR those who still try to toss in racism as the reason for complaining about our government's destructive actions.

One lady talks about how it all started downhill with Bush (here we go again) Bush's Congress was Democrat. Obama's Congress has been Democrat. Congress makes the final how is it Bush's fault anyway? He's a Republican.

So your house was devalued by $50K in 2009 huh? Glad you're able to smile at it and be happy to see our flailing economy made even worse by government extravagance! You're a good sport!

Personally, in all my years in the USA, I've never felt so abused and used. We objected and protested across the country by the 100,000's against government health care but Obama got it anyway and said he "listened to the people".

Obama's recent 10 day trip to India with an entourage of over a thousand people cost between 1-2 Million or the total of at least a billion $$.

AND finally, NOPE Obama has not made things better around the world for Americans. He has made us appear weak and stupid. We were always respected and now we are not.

I don't care what color our president is. If there was that much racism, we wouldn't have a black president at all. I do want a president who makes me feel safe in my own country. This one doesn't do that - in fact takes sides with the Mexican government who demands that we take their people here without processing...even though in Mexico they put illegals from other countries in jail!

Everything is upside down in our government because there is only one plan and that is to remove all borders & have a New World Order which will be ruled by the ones who put it in place - in spite of the people's objections.

This way, those who still believe in wife beating and even honor murders will be living right next to us, even though we've struggled to have a lawful country. Do we revert to all the things we've fought to change over the years?

Think about it when you're so quick to defend what's going on. Just think!

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