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Malia heading to overnight camp; Obama family Maine weekend


WASHINGTON--The Obama family departed Friday morning for Bar Harbor, Maine, where they are spending the weekend near Acadia National Park.

On Thursday, President Obama told NBC's Chuck Todd oldest daughter Malia, 12, will be going to overnight camp for the first time. During the summer, "a month of it's going to be taken up with Malia going away for camp, which she's never done before. And I may shed a tear," Obama said, adding "when she's on the way up."


I know little of Malia. She's seems normal, how long she remains that way in public remains to be seen when you know she has been raised by two people who are so miserable with the riches and blessings this country has freely given them. My guess would be she will end up just like them, very unhappy, ungrateful & always, always blaming someone else.

WOW. A tear. WOW.

I am pleased to see that the Obamas are trying very hard to give their daughters as normal a life as possible. Imagine the security arrangements at whatever camp she will go to!

It's amazing to me how some people will use every event in the Obamas lives to demonize them. Disagreeing with their politics is one thing; describing them as "miserable, unhappy, ungrateful, and blaming someone else" seems like a far leap from reality.

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