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Kirk reaffirms opposition to Obama health care law


kirk july 12.jpgMark Kirk at July 12, 2010 press conference in Northbrook, Ill. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

Illinois GOP Senate candidate Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), who called for the repeal of the new health care law when President Obama signed it in March, reaffirmed his opposition on Monday and said he will sign a "discharge petition" to try to get the House to reconsider.

Kirk, said after doing his "homework" on the matter he would be signing a discharge petition that will be filed by Rep. Wally Herger (R-Calif.), expected at the end of July, a Herger spokesman said Tuesday.

Another repeal measure, by Rep. Steve King (D-Ia.) already circulating, as of July 1 had 109 signers, including Illinois GOP House members Judy Biggert, Peter Roskam, Don Manzullo and John Shimkus. It will take 218 signers to force a repeal measure to the House floor, unlikely at this stage.

Kirk commented at a Monday press conference in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, in reply to a question I asked. The Obama White House, in advance of the November elections, has been producing a variety of messaging events to highlight the upfront benefits of the health law, which passed with no GOP votes in the House and Senate last March.

Said Kirk, "I think that as Republicans and Americans we should be for healthcare reform, but the kind of reforms that I want to back don't weaken the finances of the federal government long-term with new spending. Don't make the kind of Medicare cuts that were mandated in the legislation of which now in other Illinois communities I heard very extensively about and do include a big missing item in the reform, which is lawsuit reform that should have been part of the package originally."

Kirk's reaffirming his opposition to Obama's health plan may win points with his GOP base and will hand Democrats ammunition to use against him.

Signing the discharge petition at this stage is mainly symbolic. Said Kirk, "these are Republican petitions, which in this Congress have no chance."


Don't repeal it, just amend it. There are good parts to it.

If you repeal, everything will start over from scratch and the do nothing congress will never agree on anything.

Looks like I will have to vote for the failed democrat banker instead.

I hope that Mr. Kirk know that this is one of the reason he will not be our Senator, that and the fact that he is one of the most biggest fairy living person, and he is forgetful. No we can not have him in the Senate Represent us, he just may forget that we exist, which he already have we like the new health care it helps us to afford health care for our children especially those who are handicapped to stay on our insurance, and when they get their own insurance they can not be denied because of preexisting health! No Mr Kirk, we are voting for Alexi he is for the little America you are for the Big Oil and Wall Street I am afraid your resume' did not make it. Sorry!

If you believe in a position you should support it even if you think it will have no chance. By not signing the discharge petition now circulating, you weaken the position of your fellow Republicans and strengthen the opposition position that MOST want the Obamacare debacle to stand.

This just reaffirms why I'm voting for Kirk. We can't afford this massive government power grab. Not with this economy. Maybe not ever.

It is interesting that the UK is dismantling their government run health care because it does not work and cost way to much money.
This is proof positive that it does not work.
We need to make changes to health care.
One big help would be get the trial lawyers under control to make reasonable settlements that would reduce health care costs for everyone.
Since most democrats are lawyers you can see the conflict of interest. They should be disqualified from making any decisions about trail lawyers and health care

How do you go about cutting off funding? Why can't there be an injunction against this Health Care bill until it is settled in court? Why can the government get injunctions against "the people" but we can't get one against them? These are just a few of the questions I never hear addressed. Thank you Mark Kirk, for at least getting behind the repeal. If you want my vote, please keep this as one of your main campaign positions, and talk about it often!

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