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Kirk proposing seven Illinois Senate debates while Plouffe on Giannoulias call


WASHINGTON---Mark Kirk's Illinois GOP Senate campaign released a proposal for seven debates on Tuesday, sending out the e-mail news as former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe was conducting a telephone briefing on Democrat Alexi Giannoulias race.

That's a messaging tactic designed to throw the story of the day off of Plouffe; as I write this, Plouffe, aiming this call at the Illinois political press corps, is still taking questions.

Kirk's camp sent out a pre-packaged proposal; usually the number of debates, the topics, the locations and who asks the questions are subject of negotiations. My guess is Kirk--who took part in no GOP debates in the primary--sees getting out first on debates as a way to try to control the process.

below, release from Kirk....

Kirk Proposes Seven Debates/Forums for Senate Race

Same locations and dates of the first and last Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858;

Foreign policy debate on August 21st in Ottawa, economic policy debate on October 15th in Alton, wide-ranging debate October 18th in Chicago

Northbrook, Ill. - Congressman Mark Kirk today proposed seven U.S. Senate debates and candidate forums beginning August 21st in Ottawa, Illinois - the date and location of the first of seven Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858.

"Our country faces serious issues at home and abroad," Congressman Kirk said. "I look forward to a thoughtful series of debates and forums to discuss the complex economic and foreign policy challenges before us while demonstrating the clear choice facing voters in this election."

In addition to a foreign policy debate on August 21st in Ottawa and an economic policy debate on October 15th in Alton - the dates and locations of the first and last Lincoln-Douglas debates - the Kirk campaign's proposal includes:

August 21: A foreign policy focused debate in Ottawa, Illinois hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

August 22: A Middle East policy candidate forum in Northbrook, Illinois hosted by To Protect Our Heritage.

August 25: An agriculture and jobs candidate forum in Bloomington, Illinois hosted by the Illinois Farm Bureau.

September 2: A wide-ranging debate in Springfield, Illinois (proposed hosts: WICS-TV, the Citizens Club of Springfield and the University of Illinois-Springfield).

October 15: An economic policy focused debate in Alton, Illinois (proposed host: KTVI Fox St. Louis).

October 19: A wide-ranging debate in Chicago, Illinois hosted by the League of Women Voters and ABC 7.

October 21: A wide-ranging debate in Carbondale, Illinois (proposed hosts: Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, WSIU-TV and the Southern Illinoisan).


Do Kirk debating tactics include embellishing his perspective of the seven topics listed?


No, I am not happy with Giannoulias, but Mark Kirk resume blunders reminds me of the guy or girl at the water cooler bellowing loudly about his / her accomplishments on a team project. It was recently completed and their involvement was 2% of the entire project and it probably had more to do with setting the rooms up for the people who completed the 98%, while wondering where the hell is Mark. The guy can't even get the lunch orders correct.

Alexi Giannoulias will need something very stupid to come up about him for me to vote for Kirk.

We all embellish our resumes, but Kirk has told outright lies and some people think that is okay. And Blagojevich is wondering why the Hell everyone is picking on him? I wonder too Blago!

Will Giannoulias be participating in the debates, or will David Plouffe be answering the questions on Alexi's behalf?

Well if we have debates I hope ALL candidates/Parties get a chance to have their say.

Libertarian Party - Mike Labno

I will be there with "bells on" to ask Miss Kirk why he refuses to sign Rep. King's HB 4972 and why in God's name would he say he endorses Kagan without being prompted. Kagan is so unqualified. i thought Miss Kirk was pro-military so why is he a Kagan fan?????

I just heard on WCPT radio that Green Party candidate LeAlan Jones has also been invited. I very much look forward to a rational voice in this debate.

I've had enough of the two corporate bribe taking parties. It's great to see the Greens rapidly gaining support in Illinois. We need to end the corporate takeover of Springfield and Washington DC!

It really doesn't matter what Giannoulias and Kirk say, because we know they will flippity flop on the issues every time a bigger corporate bribe goes into their pocket. It'll be great to have a candidate on the stage that we know will stick to his positions because he refuses to accept corporate campaign contributions, allowing him to consistently represent the interests of ALL the people.

It doesn't matter who asks for the debates, citizens have the absolute right have them in order to ask candidates the tough questions and hear real answers, not pre-packaged slogans. The job title is "Representative." How can a person represent voters when he/she won't listen or speak to them? An election is a prolonged job interview. Anyone who afraid to stand up and defend his/her positions and record does not deserve the job.

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