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Democratic National Committee new message: GOP, Tea Party "One and the same"


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WASHINGTON-- Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine and other top party officials are announcing a "major initiative" at a press conference here on Wednesday--linking all Republicans with the Tea Party, a formula they are betting will win them votes this November.

Here's a briefing memo about the new plans, from a DNC source:

"We are rolling out a MAJOR initiative tomorrow aimed at defining the choice in
the election. At a press conference at 11 am, party leaders, led by Chairman. Tim Kaine and Vice-Chairmain Debbie Wasserman Schultz and several other members of Congress
will roll out the "Republican-Tea Party Contract With America."

"They will lay out how the Tea Party is now the most potent force in Republican
politics and with the recent launch of the Tea Party Caucus on Capitol Hill
garnering the support of Republican leaders like NRCC Chair Pete Sessions and
Republican Caucus Chair Mike Pence - the Tea Party is now an institutionalized
part of the Republican party. They are one and the same.

"The positions espoused by the Tea Party is the governing platform of the Republican party. And as voters make their choice this fall it's important to understand what the Republican-Tea Party wants to do if elected.

"While GOP leaders are still promising to hold town halls and online forums to
develop a contract of their own, it's already clear what that agenda will be
based on what self-professed Tea Part adherents have said they stand for and the
Republican adoption of the Tea Party .

"With that in mind party leaders will present the American people a handy ten
point blue print for how the Republican-Tea Party would govern, based on actual
positions taken and held by Republican-Tea Party members that we are calling the
"Republican Tea Party Contract on America."

"For now - You can see it here:

"The party leaders will stress that while these positions are so far out of the
mainstream that they are easily mocked and dismissed as crazy - this is not a
joke - these positions while seemingly inconceivable are the things that
Republican-Tea Partyists would pursue if they return to power - positions that
would halt the forward progress we've made and move America backwards.

"The party leaders will be contrasting how the Republican-Tea Party contract will
take us backward to how President Obama and Congressional Democrats have America
moving forward - job growth, health reform, putting Main Street first for a
change. They will make the case that this election will be a choice - and
these positions - this contract - is what the American people have to look
forward to if they put Republicans back in charge.

"We are also going to use this from now until the election as a pre-emptive
strike against GOP's August rebranding effort, and as a response to the new
contract we expect them to come out with this fall - we'll use it to undermine
the credibility of their effort which they have already admitted that they will
only use stuff they agree on as part of their agenda as opposed to the input
they actually receive - a participant will at the event will offer the following
on this point:

"Now, they will pay lip service to listening to the American people - to
developing a broad-based agenda to appeal to Americans from all walks of life.
But whether it's the Eric Cantor abandoned rebranding effort which was dubbed
the National Council for a New America or his widely ridiculed "You Cut" or
leader Boehner's "America Speaks out Initiative" - it's all a sham. It's all a
phony effort to pretend to be listening to the American people while they are
actually developing their agenda with the same corporate and special interest
lobbyists which helped grind our economy to a halt and which have fought
everything from health reform and Wall Street reform to campaign finance reform.

"Does anyone really believe that the party that holds a meeting with 100 banking
lobbyists prior to the vote on Wall Street reform or grovels to BP and big oil
or that opposes student loan reform on behalf of corporate lenders is really
listening to the American people. If you buy that I have some waterfront
property to sell you in Arizona."

"This is not a gimmick or just a creative way to mock Republican ideas - we have
an aggressive plan to make sure the American people know what Republicans really
believe and what their blue print for governing is.

"This will be rolled out in multiple ways -

there will be a website: (you
can publish the url - we will be unveiling content tomorrow at the event)

"We will this debut web video tomorrow. 'ONE AND THE SAME'

"There will likely be paid advertising components as well.

"And DNC Rapid Response will be responding to their town halls, we'll be tracking
closely their comments to their constituents and campaign supporters, we'll be
distributing this contract and the research which backs it up and we'll be
communicating clearly with the American people on the air, on the ground and
online how we are moving America forward and how the Republican Tea Party agenda
would simply move us backwards.

"This effort will work hand in glove with the effort House Dems announced today
to define Rs in august."


Yes! I am so.....happy that the DNC will come together to let the world know (and I believe the common sense ones already have a clue) how the republicans, tea party folks and other groups have sown so much discord to divide this country and it's people. DNC, please stick together on this. There are many multi-racial couples, children etc. and you can only imagine the stress that many families have and are going through because of this malicious seed planting of hate and attempting to make a race of great people become scared and alarmed against a another group of great people. At the end of the day, we all have the same color blood and we all eat and s... the same way. I can't wait to get on my blogtalkradio in the morning and help spread this truth that DNC is exposing. Please tune in.

That's our name. Don't wear it out.

Anybody, anyone, someone please express the contrasting ideologies and beliefs between a Republican and a Tea Party member(s).

Give it a try.

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