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Arne Duncan: "I think schools should be open 13 months a year" Dodges question about LeBron


WASHINGTON--In reply to a question after his National Press Club speech Tuesday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said schools should be open longer each day and for more months a year.

"I think schools should be open 13 months a year," Duncan said.

And Duncan, a basketball player, just dodged a question about basketball star LeBron James.....if he would have been as successful (could he be more?) if he went to college.

Said Duncan, "Next question, please."


Lynn, he also said "Physical Education is not an extra". Yet, the DOE failed to include PE as a core subject in it's Blueprint for Reform even though it meets the criteria.

He didn't dodge the question Ms. Sweet. It had nothing to do with education technically speaking. If anyone goes to college it is expected the person should be more successful whatever the endeavor.

Therefore it was an inappropriate question realistically.

Mr. LeBron James is not the first to go straight to the NBA without attending college.

The reporter should have simply asked, "Mr. Duncan, as a former college basketball player, or someone who is an avid fan of the game, what do you think of LeBron James signing with Miami Heat?"

Be straight forward instead of trying to bait Mr. Duncan.

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