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Abortion rights activists shocked, mad at Obama White House over abortion coverage in new health care law


below, from NARAL Pro choice America......

NARAL Pro-Choice america

Pro-Choice Activist, I wanted to make sure you saw the important message that I sent late on Thursday. We've sent 28,045 messages to President Obama in just a few days, and now he needs to hear from you. Help us keep the pressure on the White House. Please contact President Obama today.

Bad news from the Obama administration on the health-care law:

A Stupak-style ban applies to women in new, temporary high-risk pools.

Please urge President Obama to remove the abortion-coverage ban immediately.

Pro-Choice Activist, I have an urgent update about the new health-care law.

To our dismay, the Obama administration just announced it will exclude abortion coverage in the temporary health-insurance pools that will transition us into the new health-care system.

I am outraged that such a decision would come from a pro-choice president that we helped elect.

I have contacted the White House, but I need your voice, too. Tell President Obama that this new policy is unacceptable and ask him to change course immediately.

According to the Associated Press, the Obama administration is set to ban abortion services in a new, temporary program for individuals who fall into high-risk pools.1 This policy means that women who are part of these pools because they have significant health problems, such as diabetes or cancer, will not be able to access abortion care, even if their health is at further risk.

Believe it or not, the administration's policy is similar to the ban proposed by anti-choice Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.). That's right. For about three years, a Stupak-style ban will now apply to women in these new high-risk insurance pools.

Abortion is the most common surgical procedure women receive. At a time when the country is on the cusp of implementing nationwide health-insurance coverage, it is unacceptable to treat abortion care differently in the new high-risk pools.

Please urge President Obama to remove the abortion-coverage ban immediately.

Unless President Obama steps in, women with pre-existing conditions or other high-risk medical needs like diabetes will lose out on coverage for abortion care.

Help us fight back. Tell President Obama that the abortion-coverage ban was not part of the agreement on health reform.

I'll keep you posted as this story unfolds. We will keep the pressure on the White House until the administration changes course.


Americans should be more responsible. Use protection if you can't have kids.
Abortion is for irresponsible individuals.

I am requesting that the Obama administration return to their health care goals that were stated during the Presidential 2008 campaign. We women need to make our own choice relating to our bodies. So many men want to dictate what a woman can do with her body. The women who support these bans are dictated by their men and want other women to do the same. Pro-choice means My-choice, my privacy,my health care coverage.

Abortion is not just about women. Back in the late sixties and the seventies, views on the expendability of the child in her mother’s womb were a matter of opinion and popular prejudice fashioned by Planned Parenthood and a growingly lucrative abortion industry.

But we are better educated now. We have the sciences of reproduction and embryology as well as access to untrasound first baby pictures to guide a mother’s understanding of the new life within her. It is no longer acceptable in rational discourse to deny that the unborn child at risk of abortion is not a human being entitled to human rights protection. The well-being of both the mother and her child must be pursued with equal vigour by the medical profession and by all those in positions of authority in health and law. Abortion remains a psuedo-medical procedure that harms both the mother and her child. Genuine medicine does no deliberate harm to either patient

For me it has nothing to do with you and your body. Yeah you should have the choice about what happens to your body. You don't want anyone to tell you what you can do with your body, but you have no problem chosing for that human being growing inside you. Sounds kind of hypocritical to me. Think about it a little bit, swallow your "need to be right" pride, and you'll see that too.

No one is more pro-choice than I am, but, hey- doesn't naral read the papers anymore? We don't have money, and making funds available to my cousin who is unable to work because of her cancer is realistically more critical. The health care reform is huge, but we can't expect to fix everything at once, and certainly not in this economy, and with the restrictions placed in the legislation.


Wasn't Obama firmly pro-choice during his campaign? Its the things like these that make me hate politics. This so called abortion coverage ban is totally out of character for Obama. @anonymous: its not about responsibility, its about protecting your body and freedom of choice. This country was founded on it. Wouldn't you rather have a child that was well taken care of than a child that isn't? Lets do our part for the future of this planet and give women a choice. Even though I strive to help others with my the fertility diet blog, women should still have a choice on whether they are ready to bring a child in this world. Its the best thing for both mother and child.

The important question remains: will abortion be covered by health care after the transition period? Politics are a difficult game. If this is the temporary price to pay for lasting pro choice policies, then you might want to just pool together to fund those abortions not covered during transition.

hate to be judgemental because honetly im not!!!very much so...neeways,i glad we have a president like we do becaus ei dont agree on abortions. if u get pregnant its ment to be. its a beautiful thing . i was 14 wen i got pregnant and had my baby . lm now tryin to have a baby with my fiance and just cant get prengant.. now if i woul of had abortion i would be hurt like crazy!!!im totally against it ..! so go OBama!!

Support an organization that advocates on behalf of children and wants to make them a national political priority - Every Child Matters!

Go to to learn, join and donate.

I fully support the National Network of Abortion Funds's campaign to abolish the Hyde Amendment. Guess who suffers the most under the Hyde Amendment? Poor women. Anyone know Rosie Jiminez? She was the very first of thousands of women to DIE under the Hyde Amendment. This death occurred less than half a year after the amendment took effect.

The mountain load of dead women that has piled up due to the Hyde Amendment include women you know and women you don't know.

There is NO government interest in taking over women's bodies. The Hyde Amendment is nothing more than a complete government take over of women's bodies. At least Obamacare is not a complete government takeover of the health care industry!

Sign the petition below to abolish the Hyde Amendment and fire the politicians who support the Hyde Amendment.

bottom line... the gov't does not need to be involved in ANY facit of health care, including the hot topic issue of abortion. The gov't must listen to it's constituents! The Washington statists must STOP trying to control every facit of our lives. NOW!

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