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President Obama official schedule and guidance, June 8, 2010. Health care town hal

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Office of the Press Secretary
June 7, 2010


In the morning, the President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing, the Economic Daily Briefing, and a briefing on the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in the Oval Office. These meetings are closed press.

In the afternoon, the President will participate in a national tele-town hall meeting at the Holiday Park Multipurpose Senior Center in Wheaton, Maryland with senior citizens to discuss the Affordable Care Act and efforts to combat senior scams and fraud in advance of the first mailing of the $250 "donut hole" rebate checks. In addition to attendees at the Senior Center, seniors across the country will be able to participate in the town hall meeting by phone. The President's tele-town hall meeting will be broadcast live on C-SPAN and streamed live on This event will be covered by the travel pool.

Later, the President will meet with Senior Advisors in the Oval Office. He will also meet with Senator Dorgan of North Dakota in the Oval Office. These meetings are closed press.

In the evening, the President and First Lady will host a picnic for members of Congress at the White House. The President's remarks will be pooled press.

At 4pm there will be a meeting of the Taskforce on Space Industry Workforce and Economic Development, led by co-chairs Secretary Locke and Administrator Bolden. There will be a brief spray at the top of this meeting for still photographers and reporters. Members of the media interested in participating in the spray should email requests to Those who are not White House hard pass holders should include date of birth, Social Security number and full name.

Also tomorrow, Solicitor General Elena Kagan will travel to Capitol Hill to meet separately with Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Bob Corker, Senator Charles Grassley, Senator Kay Hagan, and Senator David Vitter.

In-Town Travel Pool
Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg
Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP
TV Corr & Crew: FOX
Print: Congressional Quarterly
Radio: CBS

Out-of-Town Travel Pool
Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg
Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP
TV Corr & Crew: FOX
Print: Washington Times
Radio: CBS


9:00AM In-Town Travel Pool Call Time

9:30AM THE PRESIDENT receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
Oval Office
Closed Press

10:00AM THE PRESIDENT receives the Economic Daily Briefing
Oval Office
Closed Press

10:30AM THE PRESIDENT receives BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill Briefing
Oval Office
Closed Press

11:00AM THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route Ft. McNair landing zone
In-Town travel pool coverage (Gather Time: 10:40AM - North Doors of the Palm Room)

11:40AM THE PRESIDENT holds Tele Town Hall meeting with seniors
Holiday Park Multipurpose Senior Center
Out-of-Town Travel Pool Coverage (Gather Time 9:30AM--Stakeout Location)

2:00PM THE PRESIDENT meets with senior advisors
Oval Office
Closed Press

2:45PM THE PRESIDENT meets with Senator Dorgan
Oval Office
Closed Press

6:30PM THE PRESIDENT and FIRST LADY host Congressional Picnic at the White House
South Lawn
Pool Coverage for Remarks (Pre-set 5:30PM//Final Gather 6:00PM--North Doors of the Palm Room)


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