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Obama, in Racine buys Kringles, dreams of brats: "Don't tell Michelle"


obama-kringle-sweet.JPGPresident Obama, in Racine, Wi. for a speech about the economy on Wednesday, stopped to buy some Kringles at a Racine bakery en route from the airport in Milwaukee. Starting a speech at a town hall meeting in Racine, Obama told the crowd, "It is great to be back home in the Midwest" and shared a secret: maybe he would on the way back to the airport,"get a brat and some cheese curds while I'm here. Just don't tell Michelle."

According to the pool report, Obama's motorcade "stopped at O&H Danish Bakery, a popular bakery and Kringle maker in the area. A Kringle is a Danish pastry and is quite popular in the region. Racine, by the way, has a Danish community, which would explain the Kringle.

"POTUS entered the store, coat off, sleeves rolled up and in a very good mood. He greeted workers and was met by Racine mayor John Dickert. Along one counter, Dickert showed POTUS various kinds of Kringles. ...POTUS, after some consultation with workers and Dickert, decided he would buy pecan, cherry and cheese Kringles. Secret Service said the Kringles cost $7.45 a package."


I think it was great that President Obama was in Racine today. We were honored to have him come and as a UAW member we support him. I hope he saw our signs and messages. I work for the Kenosha Chrysler Engine Plant, and we are scheduled to close the end of Oct, 2010. Work that was promised to us is now going to Mexico.
I am upset to hear that this is happening when my own tax dollars helped bail my own Company out.Then, even more upset to hear that Case Tractor in Racine, will be importing engines in from China this fall.What kind of sence does this make?


@ Harri
What ever personal items the President buys comes out of his own pocket...take a moment to google that little bitof info.
But lets venture into you alternate reality and lets say everythin the President does comes out of tax payer dollars. Whould you rather the President didnt spend money with a small business? Then that would be something else for you to complaini about. It has been noted that any known plase this President and First lady has gone to eat has increased in business because of the publicity. COnsider it yet another way President Obama is helping small business.

the president get paid to work too, you d-bag

Hey Hariri? That was Mr. Obama's own money, not yours. Didn't you READ the article? And he paid full price, too. You hate so much now you have stopped making sense - assuming you once did, of course.

Maybe Case is buying engines from China because the Chinese workers can spell "sense". Or perhaps because their non-union workers do not earn the $60 per hour that you demand in UAW. Get a clue!

Hey he did not just dream about those brats him and the secret service people were service by Dan owner of Danny's Meats. The menu of course consisted of Danny's homemade brats

Golf,Eat,Golf, Eat, and yes blame Bush! Give
me a break! Hey big O, we are not stupid!
I take that back,you got to be the Prez!

typical Union member: I love Obama, I going to lose my job, plant is closing down, probably lose the house, but he cares. Wake up and quit drinking the Kool-aid

I am so envious. I haven't had a kringle since I moved from Wisconsin. Racine kringles rock. At least I can find Johnsonville brats in NC.

Typical of a as I say, not as I do. He stands there and eats THREE of those pastries, and yet the government is telling the rest of us what we can and cannot eat...that WE need to 'watch our fat intake'. What about his wife and her 'let's move' crap.
Yes, he did pay out of 'his' pocket...but where do you think the money came from; THE TAXPAYERS...HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, C Gooby; Seriously, you're blaming union workers for being out of a job? I don't know one union worker who makes $60.00 an hour. I'm non-union and I don't make that much. I'm a highly trained professional with a college degree and more than ten years of experience in the IT world and when I looked for a new job, it took nearly a year to find one. On top of that, I didn't get much more pay than I all ready had. Even IT work is going overseas and without high paid employees, we'll all become a nation of lowly paid service workers.
Did you even consider that quite possibly Corporations don't really give two cents for their employees? They think they can turn a higher profit by paying lower wages in a foreign country. But, the joke will be on them -- if Americans are out of work, they can't buy new cars. The more jobs our American companies ship overseas, the less people in the States that can buy their products. When that happens, we all fail.
Companies, for a very small period in this nation, used to care about their employees. They paid fair wages. They only laid off people when the company was going under and not just to make their stock price rise. I don't think this is a government problem - you can't make people be anything they're not. I think this is a greed problem that has been festering in the US since the 1980's.
If you want to blame the workers for the loss of jobs, you must be one of those overpaid, under-worked CEOs.

@Sheri Green...perhaps you're not aware that the UAW is part of the problem. Just b/c you greased Obama and helped get him into office doesn't mean he'll make everything OK for you. I'm a Kenosha resident and while I'm sad to see the jobs leave Kenosha, the union is getting what they deserve. You can't continue to over pay your employees while they under produce...that's a recipe for disaster. How many people in Kenosha are retired making good money from their pensions that are killing Chrysler? Oh, and it would help if you made a decent product (I realize this is most likely not your fault)...Chrysler cars have sucked for a long time and I see no change in the near future.

Cheese curds? Can anyone explain?

Why is this news? News worth reporting for me when it comes to our President would be. “Oil gusher has been repaired, and Golf Cost is on the mend”, “President supports state and the citizens of that state that he himself took an oath to protect and serve”, “ Jobs are on the rise, Americans citizens are working more now than ever”, “Education at a all time high, dropout rate is lower than it has been in 12 years”, “Economy has turned around more Americans feel confident in where the County is heading”, or “Teenage pregnancy rate has dropped down by 48% , More teens are choosing an education and employment over parenthood” “Drug use is down” “US Borders are safe and secure”, “The WAR IS OVER, family’s rush to welcome home sons and daughters, husbands and wives” ………But NO, we get a headline that reads “Obama, in Racine buys Kringles, dreams of brats: "Don't tell Michelle" This is a sad.

Obama spent the majority of his Town Hall visit criticizing Republicans and of course George Bush. He may fool most Democrats with his style of speaking, that is, "distracting" his audience away from the core issues we face. He spoke of the Economy since he can blame that on Bush, he calls it his "Inherited Mess". Every President has inherited ongoing issues from the previous administration, Senator Obama.
Senator Obama never mentioned Immigration, Health Insurance, the Gulf Oil Spill or his tripling of the Deficit. Outlandish and excessive Earmarks would be a good topic. No....Senator Obama avoided many topics and rather chose to criticize Boehner and the Republican Party.
Obama accused George Bush of being too afraid of "Pulling Osama Bin Laden from the cave he was hiding in" while he campaigned for President. That was the last time Obama mentioned Osama.
Obama accused George Bush of being "Incomprehensibly Incompetent" in regards to his response to Katrina. Well, so much tough talking without any walking. Goodbye forever to this Administration, Congress, Bribes & Backroom Deals come November. It's hard to believe that over 50% of this nation fell for this con-man Hook, Line & Sinker.

I hope the next time it slips out of his oil-covered fingers and he chokes on it. Not only for treason in the gulf, but killing what's left of our economy with full compliance.

President Obama did not eat three pastries. He purchased three Kringle which are not single serving pastries! You make him sound like a glutton!
I think it is great that he stopped at O & H, and I'm sure everyone there was thrilled to see him! Cheese kringle is our family favorite, you should try it. O & H ships all over the country...

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