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Obama discusses BP oil spill, makes World Cup wager with new British Prime Minister Cameron


The President and British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke today by telephone
in their first substantive conversation since the President's congratulatory
call on May 22, 2010.

The President looks forward to seeing Cameron in Canada
later this month and in Washington on July 20. The President affirmed his deep
commitment to the special and historic relationship between our two countries.
The President thanked the Prime Minister for his commitment to lead on the broad
range of issues on our shared agenda. The two leaders discussed Afghanistan,
including the Prime Minister's recent visit, and they reaffirmed their firm
commitment to NATO's ISAF mission. They discussed the decision by the United
Nations Security Council to impose the strongest sanctions to date on Iran and
the importance of follow-on action being taken at the upcoming European Council
meeting, and they underscored the need for Iran to live up to its international
obligations. They also exchanged views on economic issues, including
preparations for the G-8/G-20 meetings later this month. The President and the
Prime Minister discussed the impact of tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico,
reiterating that BP must do all it can to respond effectively to the situation.

Finally, the President and the Prime Minister agreed to disagree on the desired
outcome of the June 12 U.S.-England World Cup soccer match; the President noted
that the historical record of previous World Cup matches between the United
States and England favors the United States and the President wagered the best
lager against the best beer in America on an American win over England.



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