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Obama 'angry' at McChrystal blabbing to Rolling Stone


WASHINGTON--President Obama is hauling Gen. McChrystal to the White House for a face to face meeting to explain the comments--inflammatory at the least, insubordination at the worst--he made to Rolling Stone magazine in a story headlined, "The Runaway General."

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said he gave Obama a copy of the article on Monday night and he was angry about McChrystal's remarks about him and his Afghanistan policies. Gibbs made no assurances about McChrystal's future.

Just how, Gibbs was asked, did he know the usually even and cool Obama was "angry?"

Said Gibbs, "You would know it if you saw it."

From the briefing:

MR. GIBBS: We look forward to -- the president looks forward to speaking with him tomorrow about what's in that article.

We owe -- every member of this team, from the commanding general to anybody that works in this building, to anybody that works in the State Department or throughout the Pentagon -- we owe it to, as I said earlier, the men and women that are fighting there to implement the policy that each agree to.

Without a doubt, General McChrystal, as Secretary Gates has said,has made an enormous mistake, a mistake that he'll get a chance to talk about and answer to tomorrow, to both officials in the Pentagon and to the commander in chief.

Q Does the president still have confidence that General McChrystal can run this war?

MR. GIBBS: We should wait and see what the outcome of that meeting is.


I have more confidence in McChrystal to run the war than I have in Odummass in running this country. Obama is running the country alright, running it into the toilet. He needs to go!!!!

We all thought Bush was dumb, well Obama makes Bush look like a genius. McChrystal was taking it easy on Obama and his administration.

Great - take a general out of a WAR ZONE, where our citizen soldiers sacrifice their lives because Obama is thin skinned. What has Obama ever sacrificed for this country?

I'm surprised he didn't just nationalize Rolling Stone before they printed the article and stop it, and I'm surprised libs haven't yet called McChrystal's actions "racist", as are all comments against the dear leader.

I agree Don. I bet it just irks the hell out of people who have served this country for years, fought their way through the ranks that they EARNED, only to have to salute to someone with absolutely no military experience or clue, and couldn't be more unfit and incompetent to be called "Commander in Chief". You are suppose to salute to those superior to you. Obama is not superior to a seasoned General in any sense of the word.

As a former army officer,I am disappointed that McCrystal would allow his comments to be published. No matter how wrong we may have felt about our Commander and Chief, we do not go public with our opinions,regardless of how true they may be. It is sad that this should happend to our service members in Afghanistan. All I have read about the General led me to believe he was the right man for the job.

No matter what you may think about the President or his policies, you have to have respect for the Office of the Presidency. I believe it was President Dwight D. Eisenhower who said when you enter the military, there is no free speech.

Memphis Raines
Obama is the president of USA, even if people like you don't want or like it to be, and even though Mccrystal WAS the General, Obama is above McCrystal if you like or not.

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