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McChrystal resigns; Petraeus new Afghanistan commander


WASHINGTON--President Obama accepted the resignation Wednesday of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, saying his conduct--a reference to a critical Rolling Stone article--merited someone else conducting the Afghanistan war. Obama tapped Gen. David Petraeus as his replacement.

"This is a change of personnel but not a change of policy," Obama said.

Obama said he and McChrystal were in "full agreement over Afghanistan war strategy and, in a reference being referred to in an unflattering way in the article said "nor do make this decision out of any sense of personal insult."


The President did the right thing...and didn't I hear the President said something to the effect, "debate is fine, division is unacceptable."

The anointed one: "Now is the time for all of us to come together."

America to POTUS: Yeah, like you and your lackeys have been engaged in that so far. We've got some news for you: we are coming together. You'll get the full memo in November. You have our word on it. We saw Biden standing at the podium. Did say, "This is f_ _ king huge?" Oh, BTW, we caught Rahm lying. His lips were moving. Fire him too.

McChrystal didn't give Obama much of a choice. What did he expect would happen?

Let's be clear because there seems to be confusion: McChrystal was not fired for his opinions, or for telling the truth. He was fired for publicly insulting and undermining his boss(es). McChrystal was surely capable of airing his opinions and home-truths in private with the relevant parties, and talking so contemptuously in public of his superiors displays monumentally poor judgment. He would not have hesitated to fire any officer beneath him who behaved in the same way, and for good reason.

You'll get the full memo in November. You have our word on it. We saw Biden standing at the podium.

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