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Kirk campaign uses Illinois bond rating slide to attack Giannoulias. UPDATE


Updated 2:45 p.m. Chicago time on Wednesday with Giannoulias statement....

"Just like a typical politician, Congressman Mark Kirk's hypocrisy knows no bounds. While Congressman Mark Kirk continues to refuse to explain why he has embellished his record for over 10 years, including falsely claiming he served in combat, he seems to have 'misremembered' that he supported the failed, reckless Bush policies that brought our economy to its knees." -- Kathleen Strand, Alexi for Illinois spokeswoman

below, from Kirk campaign...

Moody's Decision to Downgrade Illinois' Credit Rating Reminds Voters of Clear Contrast in U.S. Senate Race

Kirk outspoken on wasteful spending, need for fiscal discipline;

Giannoulias silent on state debt crisis, backs more wasteful government spending

Northbrook, Ill. - The Kirk for Senate campaign today called Moody's decision to downgrade Illinois' credit rating a "major wake-up call" to voters as they consider their choice for U.S. Senate.

Yesterday, Moody's lowered Illinois' general obligation bond rating to A1, which is four notches below AAA.[1] The move came after the General Assembly failed to address the state's structural budget imbalance for the coming fiscal year.[2] Meanwhile, as Springfield struggles with the state's ballooning debt, the state's banker remains silent.

"Our state is in fiscal crisis and our state's banker is nowhere to be found," Kirk campaign spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski said. "While Congressman Kirk voted against wasteful government spending and backed efforts to balance the budget, Alexi Giannoulias stands by and watches as our state's credit rating drops lower and lower."

Congressman Kirk supports the line item veto[3] and cosponsored the Balanced Budget Amendment.[4] He voted against the wasteful trillion-dollar stimulus bill[5] and opposed efforts to raise America's debt ceiling.[6] In early 2008, Congressman Kirk became the first member of the House Appropriations Committee to swear off earmarks.[7]

By contrast, Alexi Giannoulias not only supports the trillion-dollar stimulus, he said "It should have been even bigger."[8] While staying silent on Illinois' growing debt crisis, Giannoulias supported the trillion-dollar health care bill[9], which adds over one billion dollars to the state budget deficit.

"There's a reason why job creators like the Illinois Chamber of Commerce endorsed Mark Kirk over Alexi Giannoulias," Kukowski said. "For voters who want to cut wasteful government spending and get our debt under control, Mark Kirk is the only choice for Senate."


The stimulus plan hasn't created new jobs.

The construction workers that you think you see on the expressway are actually due to space madness!

and Alexi Giannoulias claimed he worked on a banking committee he did work on, along with being a former executive of his family bank. A bank that is not failed and which is asking for millions of dollars. A bank that is tied with corruption and fraud.

The stimulus plan hasn't created the new private sector jobs Obama claimed it would.

I invite you to refer to an article in Washington Post, he claimed 80% of the jobs would be private sector. They have not been private sector and many of the current jobs are census jobs which are temporary. In fact the census has over-hired according to reports.

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