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Gov. Pat Quinn e-mail fund-raising appeal by new campaign manager Ben Nuckels


Below, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn e-mail fund-raising appeal.....

This week, Senator Bill Brady made it clear that - when it comes to Illinois' economy - all he's ready to do is lay blame.

Brady's new ad, funded by the national Republican Governors Association, blames Governor Quinn alone for the economic troubles of our state. No mention of the national recession and the backwards policies that created it.

Perhaps that's because Bill Brady's only 'plan' for Illinois relies on the same George Bush economic policies that got us into this in the first place. Tax cuts for the rich, less accountability for corporations, and disastrous 10% across-the-board cuts for everyone else.

Help us fight back against third-party attacks by donating $500, $100, or $50 to the campaign today.

We all know that Illinois, like the rest of our country, is facing tough economic times. Governor Quinn knows that it's important to strike a balance - cutting state spending while investing in education, jobs, and training Illinois' workforce for the future.

Bill Brady won't tell you this, but here are the facts:

* Under Governor Quinn, Illinois is leading the Midwest in job growth;
* He signed Illinois' first jobs bill in a decade, creating over 400,000 new jobs;
* He spearheaded a small business tax credit to help small employers hire more workers;
* And he created Put Illinois to Work, which has put over 6,000 people back to work, 2800 in the first week alone.

Can you donate $500, $100, or $50 to the campaign to help us set the record straight?

This is a national crisis. Now, more than ever, we need progressive, forward-thinking solutions, and not Bill Brady's policies and politics of the past.

Help us set the record straight and keep Illinois on the road to recovery.


Ben Nuckels
Campaign Manager
Quinn for Illinois

Ps - Your contribution of $500, $100, or $50 or any amount can help us fight the smears and keep Illinois moving forward. Please contribute today.


Why don't you just stop hiding and start making personal appeals for campaign contributions to your favorite Democratic candidates, Lynn? You have ZERO integrity. ZERO.

Pat Quinn claims that he has received a mandate to raise taxes. Does he think if he states this lie often enough people will start to believe it? Quinn did not receive a mandate. The only reason I voted for him was because I disliked Brady more than Quinn, and felt that Quinn was less damaging to the state.

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