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Elena Kagan's sense of humor. What a Jew does on Christmas asked at confirmation hearing



Good for Ms Kagan. She deflected a vile and veiled attempt to get biased people to know that Ms Kagan does not go to church at Christmas- and horrors, she is a Jew.
Help, who needs another Einstein or Justice Frankfurter, or Dr Jonas Salk? Sen. Sessions should be ashamed of himself if he were any smarter.

The question was stupid and the response is what one would expect regardless of ethnicity. Is this what U.S. Senators ask of a prospective Supreme Court Judge who may attain a life time appointment to the Supreme Court?

Just silly! And we wonder why the U.S. economy is in the toilet? Review this clip and it explains how caring politicians are or how worried the financial crisis has been affecting her / him.

Good for Ms. Kagan...What a question? What a great answer! Who are these people we elect...I really wonder.

At best, Graham's question as to where Ms. Kagan was "on Christmas day" shows he didn't do his homework on her background. At worst, it's thinly veiled anti-Semitism. Good for her for not blowing her stack at him but taking it with humor. I can't wait for her to join the Court!

Ummm... newsflash for all you people who are crying anti-Semitism. His original question was leading towards the shoe-bomber question. She jumped him off in the middle with the legal answer. He jokingly said (with a smile) that he just asked where she was on Christmas. She answered. He laughed. They all laughed.
Look, I'm normally quite militant on spotting anti-Semitism. It's a survival mechanism. But this is not it. Let's not call fire when there isn't one.

On a side note, I don't see why they need to spend days and days and days on this job interview while Rome is burning and the POTUS is eating Kringles in Wisconsin. Priorities, people!!!

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