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Durbin cites Mark Kirk military embellishments in fund-raising pitch for Giannoulias

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Below, direct e-mail fund-raising pitch out Tuesday from Sen. Dick Durbin for Alexi Giannoulias in Illinois Senate race...

Dear Friend,

Contribute to Alexi Giannoulias' campaign for Senate today! As the Republican vying for President Obama's old Senate seat in Illinois comes under fire for embellishing his military record, voters should know they have a real choice.

Democrat Alexi Giannoulias is a fresh face in an "anti-incumbent" election year, and he's giving Republican Congressman Mark Kirk a real run for his money.

The last time I wrote to you about Alexi, he faced a barrage of shameful attacks from the national G.O.P. and right-wing media. That hasn't changed.

But Alexi's fighting back as national Democratic leaders become more fully engaged in this contest. A recent poll shows he has completely caught up to Mark Kirk, which means the race for Illinois' Senate seat is now a perfect tie. It's up to us to keep Illinois blue.

Help Alexi Giannoulias keep up his new momentum and keep President Obama's old U.S. Senate seat in the Democratic column -- make a contribution to his campaign today!

Last week we learned that Mark Kirk hasn't been totally straight with Illinois voters. For the better part of a decade he's being telling the public he received a military award that doesn't even exist. And while claiming to be "the only member of Congress to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom" on his website, he never actually deployed.

As even the Chicago Sun-Times wrote of the growing scandal, "If you're a politician who pumps up your military record, you should admit it, beg for forgiveness and move on as best you can."

But remarkably, Mark Kirk is still digging. Even the explanations he offered last week for his egregious mischaracterizations of military service have turned out to be false.

Fortunately we have the opportunity to elect a senator who is a proven progressive fighter and is the first statewide candidate in Illinois history to refuse to accept contributions from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists.

I can't think of a better way to tell Mark Kirk to "stop digging" than by showing our support for Alexi Giannoulias to fill President Obama's old U.S. Senate seat.

If history is any guide, this year's midterm elections are going to be challenging for Democrats, and Illinois' Senate race tops the list of GOP pick-up targets. The way the Republicans see it, if they can take back President Obama's old Senate seat in 2010, they can take back the White House in 2012.

We can't let that happen. So we must match the Republican establishment's intensity -- and the immense resources they're pouring into Illinois' Senate race -- by investing in Alexi's grassroots campaign.

Click here to make a contribution to support Alexi's campaign for U.S. Senate today.

Thank you for lending a hand to Alexi Giannoulias and helping him reach out to voters across the state -- just as Barack Obama did when he won this seat in 2004.

Thank you,

Dick Durbin
U.S. Senator

Paid for by Friends of Dick Durbin

1 Comment

Senator Durbin is "misremembering" when he writes that Giannoulias is the first statewide candidate in IL to refuse corporate PAC money.

Rich Whitney, the Illinois Green Party's 2006 candidate for IL governor, did not accept any corporate PAC contributions. Rich finished with 10% of the vote, and he's running again in 2010. Rich probably wasn't the first either.

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