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David Plouffe sends out e-mail fund-raising appeal for Alexi Giannoulias

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Below, e-mail appeal from David Plouffe for Illinois Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias; Plouffe appears at a funder for Giannoulias on June 30......

During the 2008 campaign, we learned what is possible when ordinary people stand together against the power of special interests. We came together from coast to coast to vote for change and a more promising future.

This year's midterm elections offer us another opportunity to build on that progress and elect a new generation of leaders who will work with President Obama to fight for working Americans and the middle class.

Alexi is a proven leader who's already standing up against the culture of greed on Wall Street and in Washington. From not taking a dime of corporate money to crafting a comprehensive jobs plan, Alexi is exactly the type of partner President Obama needs in the Senate.

Can you donate $20 to help elect Alexi to the Senate?

Mark Kirk wants to be Illinois' next Senator. But, he's taken almost $50,000 from big oil and gas companies and then voted their way, time and time again. That's the same old politics that drove our economy into a ditch. We need to counter Kirk's special interest funding, and that's why Alexi has set a goal of matching Kirk's $50,000 over three days.

Can you donate $20 to help elect Alexi to the Senate?

When then-Senator Obama decided to run for president in early 2007, our small team met with him in Chicago and committed to running a campaign fueled by everyday people giving what they could. By donating towards Alexi's $50,000 goal, your support will be critical in putting Alexi over the top in what promises to be a close race in November.

Help us send a strong message that we need leaders like Alexi in the Senate to move our country forward.

Thanks for all you do,
David Plouffe

P.S. Donate $20 today and help Alexi build a 21st century economy that creates opportunity for all Americans.

1 Comment

The Democratic Senatorial Committee has take over $100,000 from oil companies like Marathon and Sunoco.

This Committee will soon be sending big bucks to Alexi's campaign to help in his election efforts.

Now they are attacking oil companies, but taking their dough.

Does David Plouffe really want it both ways?

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