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White House Correspondents Association Dinner tonight

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WASHINGTON--For an overview on the White House Correspondents Association annual dinner on Saturday night, Politics Daily's Annie Groer dishes up how the event turned into a Hollywood meets Potomac extravaganza.

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I tried to watch this and just got a bunch of commericals and little coverage on the event. I was wondering what Kim Kardashian had to do with White house correspondents?? DOH! I also heard and saw a bunch of white female gangstalkers attributing 9-11-01 to a woman named Sue which is totally incorrect and gossiping about how the witnesses guy friends knew Sue. And that they were a present to the witness, from Sue..I mean really how does that trash in the mob get into a White house correspondence dinner? Just goes to show you where the national propaganda comes from.
Something should be done to screen out those women! And give credit to real journalists doing REAL WORK against. the likes of reality TV shows based on criminal enterprises that worked their way into the WHITE HOUSE from the CHICAGO SYNDICATE in Pres Obamas old home town.. GOOD OLD CHICAGO!

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