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Tuesday primary hot contests: Will Specter win in Pennsylvania?

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Politics Daily has a wrap-up of the biggest Tuesday primary contests. (Illinois is out of this picture, holding the first-in-the nation 2010 primary last Feb. 2)

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I have issues with you Mr. President Obama supporting Republican Senator Arlen Specter based on previous statements about Washington insiders.

Specter has been a Republican senator for thirty years. It does not matter he has opposed Republican ideologue in the past and is presently having differences with this party's political philosophy.

What matters is he did not leave before now and only doing so because he wants to stay in Washington. That is the only reason he has become a Democrat.

President Obama, I am a supporter, but this is not what you told the people before getting elected. Yes Mr. President Obama, I am going to hold you to a high level of integrity because I defend you against the onslaught of being labeled a socialist, imperialist, dictator, leftist, arrogant, aloof and so forth.

As a Black man, I interpret the naysayers bitterness whom still believe you should not be president by asking for your birth certificate.

What I have stated is nothing new.

Please stop giving ammunition to those who harbor ill feelings while leaving your supporters with insufficient leadership to debate those who wish to hinder your administration.

Mr. President Barack Obama, YOU are better! I assess your job is a herculean feat to accomplish but do not leave your base supporters in the abyss of darkness.

Just when I took in your new Supreme Court nomimee - who is Jewish - now you turn your support to this Washington supporter.

Mr. President Obama, there was a Black woman which deserve that Supreme nomination considering Judge Clarence Thomas seem to never side for liberal causes in cases brought before him.

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