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President Obama official schedule and guidance, May 28, 2010. Gulf oil spill


Office of the Press Secretary
May 27, 2010

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

In the morning, the President will travel to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana to assess the latest efforts to counter the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The departure from Chicago O'Hare International Airport and the arrival at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport are open press.

Later, the President will attend a briefing by Admiral Thad Allen at the U.S. Coast Guard Station Grand Isle in Grand Isle, Louisiana. There will be a pool spray for still photographers only at the top of the meeting. The President will then deliver remarks. The President's remarks are pooled press.

In the afternoon, the President will travel to Chicago, Illinois. The departure from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and the arrival at Chicago O'Hare International Airport are open press.

In-Town Travel Pool
Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg
Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP
TV Corr & Crew: CNN
Print: Scripps Howard
Radio: AP

Out-of-Town Travel Pool
Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg
Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP
TV Corr & Crew: CNN
Print: AFP
Radio: CBS


8:10AM THE PRESIDENT departs Chicago, Illinois en route New Orleans, Louisiana
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Open Press

10:10AM THE PRESIDENT arrives New Orleans, Louisiana
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
Open Press

12:10PM THE PRESIDENT attends a briefing by Admiral Thad Allen
US Coast Guard Station Grand Isle, Grand Isle, Louisiana
Pool spray for still photographers at the top of the briefing

12:30PM THE PRESIDENT delivers a statement to the press
US Coast Guard Station Grand Isle, Grand Isle, Louisiana
Pooled Press

1:25PM THE PRESIDENT departs New Orleans, Louisiana en route Chicago, Illinois
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
Open Press

3:35PM THE PRESIDENT arrives in Chicago, Illinois
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Open Press



Note that Feckless Leader did not visit Mississippi, Alabama, or NW Florida. I guess if it ain't run by Ray "School Bus" Nagan and represented by William "Cold Cash" Jefferson; Obama bin latte has nothing in common and, thus, nothing much to offer.

We on the Alabama Gulf Coast are grateful for his absence. You see, we have work to do--recovery to accomplish--a task much more difficult than merely sticking our oppressed and piteous hands so that someone will do our work for us.

Seriously? Three Hours? Hmm...wasn't that was the SS Minnow was suppose to be out for as well? Maybe we can get the same result?

Thats nice..... 40 + days of the oil spill it was nice for the prez to take 3 hours to address the biggest oil spill in US history. Its not like he is in a hurry to get to Arlington National Cemetery for the Memorial Day Observence!

Three hour tour, eh? Maybe he'll end up on Gilligan's least he wouldn't be here destroying America.

Three hour tour? The Obama administration is starting to sound more and more like Gilligan's Island everyday, but at least Gilligan's Island had a skipper.

What about Arlington on 5/31?

We have two wars going on.

That is NOT a tour. Stopover press conferences are not going to do it. He is not touring the marshes, not going to any of the ground zeros to see the dying face to face, not getting down to the real nitty gritty so he'll maybe, just for ONCE know what he's talking about.

No time given to any of those things, oh, I forgot....he must get back to go on vacation tomorrow.

These photo ops are NOT going to get us off your back Obama. We see you for what you are and we don't like it one bit!

Barack Lied - the Gulf Died!

Thanks to Big Oils appetite for big profits at the expense of the environment, BP has turned Loisiana into Lousyana.

Wow so the Messiah finally decides to get a photo op... Wonder why he has not taken a strong stance on this against BP. Also funny the media is not trashing him like they would have bush had he been faced with the same dilemma and not had it cleaned up in a day. Listen I am more conservative then democrat, but when it comes to a situation like this, it makes my heart break. I am a diver and someone who believes that we live on this earth and we need to take care of it. I am all for stopping the drilling in the gulf all together if it will keep these unprepared idiots out of there. Do not allow offshore drilling unless every single fail safe is in place. Also hold your so called commander in chief responsible for his lack of leadership and inability to go after a company who made such large donations to his administration. It is time to hold everyone accountable Republican and Democrats alike, for what they are doing to our earth.

By far, THE most INEPT President we ever had!! He makes Jimmy Carter look like a model of efficiency. He is also the LAZIEST LOAD of a President that we've ever had (unfortunately, I voted for him. I APOLOGIZE to Americans everywhere.)

Wasting our money again - he should stay in Chicago; FOR EVER!

San Dimas high school football rules!

This is what happens when you have an affirmative action president who is totally unqualified to be a janitor, let alone the President of the United States. He spends all his time trying to take over the country rather than trying to help the states survive the messes he is creating. He is deliberately destroying this country and he simply has to go. Let him play golf in Siberia or some other Communist country where he will be much happier.

This guy is the saddest excuse of....whatever... Only in America, could a mixed race kid, with no valid birth certificate, locked & sealed academic records, zero military experience, pitiful little legislative or diplomatic experience....a guy with a 5 minute elected President - Commander In Chief...

God, please, PLEASE Bless America...we need it!!

Really? A whole 3 hours? I hope he didnt exhaust himself.

Approx. 12-3pm Three hour tour! Did the weather start getting rough while your tiny plane was lost? If not for the brilliant Bamster, Luziana could be lost . . . Thank you for your timely visit, Gilli . . . Mr. President. Go on vacation (again!) Ruining the country is a very tiring political position (I'd say "job" but you've never held one of those, have ya'?).

We know how to manage our fossil fuels in Galt's Gulch. He's a looter! The moochers he intends to feed aren't anywhere near the gulf coast, so why should he care?

Did Obama also make a tiny cross from sea shells on the beach?

Let's see, what does "3 hours in New Orleans" remind me of?

Oh yeah, "five passengers set sail that day on a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour".

Starring Barack 0bama as Gilligan. Well intentioned, but totally incompetent.

Wasting our money again - he should stay in Chicago; FOR EVER!

No time to honor veterans on Memorial weekend ?

He spent more time with the Duke team.
What a total ueless idiot.

The "I feel your pain," crouched down, while pensively looking at the oil-drenched beach sand, PHOTO-OPPORTUNITY is too little, too late for credibility purposes. To me, it's as superficial and as exploitative as when he used the flag-draped caskets at Dover Air Force Base as background for a photo-op, while in true Clinton-esque form, put on a sad face for the camera.

Maybe I'm just a cynic. But judging by Mr. Obama's scheduling priorities, his golf game is "a jealous mistress" to his participation in helping resolve an catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. The good news is, I hear his golf game is improving.

Yawn. The bottom line has been delivered and it's all perfectly clear. No need to update this article with that regurgitation of DC's strength and support.

This President is by far the most pathetic excuse for one.

President Gilligan takes a fateful 3 hour tour. A 3 hour tour.

Wow !!
Mr. Prez spends all of 23 minutes visiting the disaster that has been on going for 32 days.
How impressive.
The only reason NOTHING was done sooner is because they spent the first 30 days trying to figure out how to blame Bush !!!

That's it? Three hours for the worst oil disaster in history? How much time has he spent golfing in the last 40 days?

So did he place the tar balls in the shape of a cross, ala-Bill Clinton at Normandy?

How utterly disgusting. More time on the plane than in LA. Not visiting Arlington when we have troops overseas and our veterans are watching. Simply deplorable behavior.

Barry admitted that the Inpection was waived.
What he didn't say it was waived 10 days before the explosion.
He said they couldn;'t complete the inspection in the 30 days ...he has been President for over 15 months, the Dems were in charge of the House & Congress for 24 months prior to that...why didn't the change the inspection time limit? Like he said HE WAS IN CHARGE....his lack of inspection prevented the inspection from finding systems didn't work PLUG THE DAMN HOLES!
He is going to LA to see the Paul McCartney concert I bet that takes more than 3 hours.

Barry is a puppet for undercover Marxists.

This is Bush's mess. Let’s use him and the rest of the brainless Republican Party to plug the hole. Obama is doing the best job he can in light of the mess Bush and his cronies left him.

Didn't George Bush take something like 39 trips after Katrina? Starting SOON afterwards, I guess as soon as Chocolate City nagin and the gov, ALLOWED the feds in.

Miss him yet???

Yeah, his spending (or lack of Veto really) was out of control, but dang, he is FAR better in every way than this clown.

I understand that, besides the brief Obama stop-over, an equally appaling situation occurred. BP is reported to have bused in a hundred or so workers at $12.00/hour to stand around for the photographers suggesting that BP is "on top of the crisis and all hands are on deck". B.S! they are no better than Obama. Neither has an adult relationship with the truth.

America, please forgive me. I was swept up in the frenzy and I voted for him.

I guess he doesn't like hitting his balls into the water.

How long is each PARTY TIME at the White House?

Will they sing "WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLLOW SUBMARINE", as the South is drowning in oil?

I see why you posted "Anonymous." You are a bonehead. Bush has been gone WAY to long to blame. Get off it already! Obama dug his own mess, and come Nov. elections, his cronies are gone, and come 2012, He's out too!!!

I could not stay dry-eyed. This is horrible, not the congressman breading down, but that we allowed drilling to be done there - I believe I read that it was five miles from our coast and one mile deep. How stupid can someone be? We ourselves can drill on our own land with our own safeguards. We have Anwar (where no one lives) and plenty of land in the mainland of our own country.. Where was the EPA when we needed them - in California protecting the two inch fish? There they shut down one of the bread-baskets of this country to preserve said two inch fish?.

This is Bush's mess. Let’s use him and the rest of the brainless Republican Party to plug the hole. Obama is doing the best job he can in light of the mess Bush and his cronies left him.

Y'know - there is only one thing more brainless than the current President of our precious United States at the moment, and that would be people who actually feel moved to defend him, as if he needs defending! He's fully cognizant of what he's doing. There's no "poor Barry, who's doing the best he can" goin' on here. He WANTS things out of control, so that he can come in with his "ho hum, what are you poor little people worried about? I'LL fix your problem with my form of government." He's evil personified, and a IS doing the best he can, because his plan is working beautifully. He wants the U.S. to become part of the socialist world order, so he's gotta bring us down. I feel sorry for you - you are hopelessly deceived.

To Nina and FLdiane- you pretty much said it about the comment by anonymous.
To anonymous, let me add this: Obama, aka Wonder-B Obama or Joe Cool, can only do so much harm to this country. The real harm comes from idiots such as you who vote for him and then can't see the forest for the trees. Based on your comment, I suspect when you walk down the street, lamp posts and such get smug, knowing their IQ is higher than yours.
Obama could have said "BP, fix the leak; all states involved, do WHATEVER is needed to protect your shores". As for doing an environmental study, just wait a while and count the dead sea life, etal. There's your study. He can appoint czars but can't tell the authorities to let the real experts do their jobs. He's a spineless (and mindless) "leader"; but a great jock!

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