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Party crashing Salahi's stopped by cops near White House during State Dinner



WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House party crashers, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, were stopped in a limo near the White House Wednesday evening as President Barack Obama was holding his second official state dinner.

The limo driver ran through a red light around 8 p.m., just blocks from the White House and was stopped by a uniformed Secret Service officer, according to Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan. The driver had signaled to turn into a restricted area near the Ellipse. The attention-hungry couple was among those in the limo. They were released and went to dinner a few blocks from the White House after the incident. The limo driver was issued an infraction for running the red light.


Some one more intelligent than I please explain these potential terrorists behavior to harm the POTUS, FLOTUS and their invited guests at the White House who are allowed to walk away free?

No! There is no such item as passive attention-seeking which leads to intentional harassing towards Mr. President Obama where some one can state it is just a harmless prank(s).

These people are a threat to the President of United States!

Why are these people NOT locked up!?

Please tell me when our Justice Department is going to start taking the law serious and start taking these sick wannabe celebrities serious and lock them up. Not only these wannabe's but others like the Palins,the Becks,the Backmans in the world and maybe this country can start to come together put them all in jail and through the keys away.

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