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Obamas to Chicago for Memorial Day: first time family home in more than a year


WASHINGTON---For the first time since Valentine's Day weekend, 2009, President Obama, First Lady Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia will return to their home in Chicago--arriving on Thursday for the Memorial Day Weekend.

On Monday Obama will speak at the Abraham Lincoln Cemetery outside Chicago, according to a White House spokesman.

Last January in an interview I asked Mrs. Obama why the family only came back to their home on S. Greenwood in Kenwood--only once. Her reply is here.


Wow, yet another Obama vacation. Two wars going on and oil pumping out into the Gulf with zero federal help and all Obama can think of is golf, glitzy parties, and vacations.

I guess the President wants to put in a plug for Giannoulias and confer with Blago on how to avoid allegations of bribery as regards Sestak and the Pa primary. Perhaps he'll make time to check in with his friend Rezko to get real feel for the housing mortgage market.

With all these memories and friends, it's no wonder the President had stayed away so long.

Glad to see Obama is leaving the Gulf spill behind AND skipping the Arlington National Cemetery wreath laying to take some well deserved time off /sarc.

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this guy makes jimmy Carter look like George Washington

The vacation time the president and first family have taken incomparison to the Bushs' vacation time seems like a trip to the corner ice cream store.

As for the BP oil spill,what do you want him to do? How many times has the presdent been critized for jumping to fast to take control of a companys' problem? Let BP sort it out first, and if they can't then let the tax payers bail out another struggling fortune 500 company. That should give all you republicans tabloid fodder.

I cannot express the disgust I have for Obama. It grows more and more every day.
He hates this country and everything it stands for. Not laying a wreath at Arlington is unforgivable and one more slap in the face.
Come on 2012!

He's coming to IL to lay a wreath at another cemetery for Memorial Day. Biden is attending the Arlington memorial event, just as Reagan, GHW Bush, and GW Bush left their VPs to attend Arlington events when they were elsewhere. It's not unheard-of behavior.

Obama will honor the veterans buried at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Illinois. Does every presidential recognition of veterans have to be limited to those buried in Arlington? Are veterans buried elsewhere somehow less deserving of the honor of a presidential visit?

Your comments about Obama are right on the money.

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