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Obama's new strategy to reduce drug demand in the U.S.

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WASHINGTON--The long awaited White House strategy to reduce U.S. drug demand was released on Tuesday. The report, originally scheduled to be released earlier, was held so as not to overlap on the unfolding final stages of the health care debate. The report is being released in advance of the May 19 state dinner for Mexican President Felipe Calderon. U.S. consumption of drugs is fueling the cross-border drug war and getting use down is a major bi-lateral issue.

The goal: "a 15-percent reduction in the rate of youth drug use over 5 years and similar reductions in chronic drug use and drug-related consequences such as drug deaths and drugged driving."

Recognition of U.S. responsibility: "The United States is one of the world's most lucrative markets for illegal drugs. It is in our interest to work collaboratively with international partners to reduce the global drug trade because such actions protect the health and safety of our citizens. The United States also shares responsibility with drug-producing and transit nations for the existence of this dangerous, destabilizing, and violent criminal enterprise. Shared responsibility for the origin of a problem implies shared responsibility to solve it."

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