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Giannoulias Illinois Senate race: Top strategists on conference call

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WASHINGTON--Top strategists for Alexi Giannoulias Illinois Senate campaign will be on a conference call today to discuss the state of the race.

On the call, from the Giannoulias team: Pete Giangreco, The Strategy Group; Eric Adelstein, Adelstein Liston; Michael Bocian, Greenburg Quinlan Rosner and Michael Rendina, Campaign Manager.

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LMAO. And why no Durbin? They don't need a conference call to discuss the state of the race, I can tell them:

1. Giannoulias is losing. The latest Rasmussen poll puts him 8 point behind Kirk which I think is very conservative. Personally, I think its more like 12 points behind.

2.Independents won't support Giannoulias because they recognize that he's inept and incompetent.

3.Giannoulias' attempt to place blame on Kirk for the Broadway bank failure demonstrates his failure to accept responsibility. The same was true for the Bright Start losses.

4.Giannoulias' association with mobsters (Giorango), convicted felons (Rezko), and unsavory characters (Giannis, DiFriatta) bodes poorly for the informed voter.

5.Giannoulias' failure to file and disclose his income taxes is problematic for those of us who met the deadline of April 15th, without requiring an extension.

6.Independents and Democrats cannot feel that Giannoulias with his privileged upbringing, current residence and lifestyle represent the common Illinois voter.

7 Bottom line-Giannoulias is not senate material. Giannoulias support continues to dwindle and no life support measures will revive his dying campaign.

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