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David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett played role in Elena Kagan Supreme Court pick

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WASHINGTON---New details about who interviewed Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan before President Obama picked her emerged on Tuesday, with Chicagoans David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett --White House senior advisors--playing a role in Kagan being picked.

More information about the selection process was in an extensive questionnaire released Tuesday with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

On April 7 Kagan--a former University of Chicago Law School professor-- met White House senior advisor David Axelrod; on May 6 she met with Valerie Jarrett, also a senior advisor. Obama nominated her on May 9.

She apparently did not meet with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

FOOTNOTE: Axelrod is a U. of C. grad; Jarrett is a former U. of C. board member.

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Yes, it shows -- and what legal background do they have for a life time appointment to the Supreme Court?

Corporate Messaging is one thing, spin is another. Ignoring information that an unemployed blogger can find on Google is Irresponsible.

It is hard for many people to cross the aisle for anything in a Centrist Way, when doing so is assaulted from within your own party. While it is not the President Obama we have seen in many economic, military, education, and foreign policy. What the Center Fears and those who Crossed over to vote for him fear most is seeing the Barack Obama that his Voting Record in the Senate Shows. And with this nominee, where if we do believe Gender is appropriate, and Party Loyalty is necessary, ignoring all of the AGs, Governors, Judges, and Sitting (and retired) Senators who have committed themselves to Law and Service in favor of someone who in a position of power openly discriminated and did not follow the law the Administration she served wrote is the source of the push back against this nominee. Elena is a good choice for Soc Gen. she will learn a good deal, and do as she is asked, she serves the American People within the parameters decided by the President and its Administration on issues the Supreme Court chooses to Hear. How is this the same as being qualified for the Supreme Court? These two took more time to fire and malign the Social Secretary.

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