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White House 2010 Easter Egg Roll Photo Gallery


easter1 2010 .jpeg President Obama at the Easter Egg Roll. (photo courtesy Eddie Gehman Kohan/Obamafoodorama

easter3 2010 sweet photo.jpegWhite House basketball court (photo by Lynn Sweet)

easter5 2010 sweetphoto.jpg The White House Easter Egg Roll featured booths with healthy foods. (photo by Lynn Sweet)


My two grandsons, called from the white house lawn today, and talked about the Easter Egg hunt which they found autographed eggs, by famous athletes.
Also signed eggs by the President Obama and First lady Michelle. They were so excited, as was I. What a great event for children and to visit the National Capital. They can't wait to show off their eggs at school.

The day was great for the kids, however nobody has mentioned how flawed the event was.

For one, on a day with almost 90 degree weather, no beverages were allowed past the security check point (not even water!!) We had to dump everything we had, even closed drink boxes. This would have been fine, however we waited in line for 2 hours after we cleared security before entering the White House Grounds.
Someone dropped the ball by not offering bottled water or anything- lots of dehydrated children.

Next, people were supposed to enter for two-hour time blocks. This was not adhered to, as we didn't enter until more than an hour past our designated entrance time. The people that had earlier time slots did not leave at their exit times, thus there were thousands more people milling around, making all the lines extremly long.

We were all hot and tired, and children did not have the patience or composure to wait another 30 minutes for an activity, such as the egg hunt, after already waiting more than 2 hours just to enter the White House grounds.

We were informed that the Egg Roll was closed for our time group- about 20 minutes before our scheduled exit time. The line had previously been way too long, and we were excited to see the long line had ended- only because the featured activity was closed!!

Like I said, great day for the kids, but the Obamas were appealing to the masses by inviting 30,000 people.

If someone sees this message that can change things for next year, please do!!

michelle obama is hot

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