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Wearing White Sox cap, Obama tosses out Nationals first pitch


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WASHINGTON--President Obama, a diehard White Sox fan, wore a Nationals windbreaker when he walked out on the field on Monday, to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the home opener. When he put on a White Sox cap, the crowd booed.

Obama threw the pitch--he deemed it a "little high and outside" and motorcaded back to the White House, making the trip from Nationals Park--about a mile south of the Capitol-- in a remarkable seven minutes.

FASHION NOTE: Obama wore khaki pants to the Nationals mound; he wore jeans--criticized as nerdy and frumpy--when he tossed out the first pitch at the All Stars game last year, wearing a White Sox jacket.

For the pool report, click below.....

Pool report
by Sam Youngman
The Hill
White House correspondent

"A little high and outside" -- POTUS

POTUS, dressed in khakis and a Nats windbreaker, emerged from the Nats dugout a
few minutes after 1. From on the field, sounded like a good mix of boos and
applause. He shook hands with a group of wounded warriors (names coming).

POTUS drew a healthy round of boos when he donned a White Sox hat when he took
the mound. It should be noted that before 44 came out, the park showed on on
montage of former presidents throwing out first pitch. While Grover Cleveland
got a pass from the crowd, 43 drew audible contempt from the crowd (it is DC and

POTUS wound up before delivering his pitch to Nats favorite Ryan Zimmerman. With
all due respect to POTUS, his pitch was more than just a little high and outside
though he did clear the plate.

After the pitch, potus came over to some school kids near the pool where he said
his pitch was "a little high and outside."

Spotted in the crowd: DC Mayor Adrien Fenty, George Will and Miss America
Caressa Cameron -- a former Nat Packer.

Pool is holding outside the stadium, clad in Nats caps and eating hotdogs.



Seriously, that's the best he could do with a year's practice?

It's been five year, we need another World Series Trophy. On the southside of Chi town. GO Sox!!!

Pretty slick! His Sox cap in his glove. I say OBAMA has THIS priority right--loyalty to his hometown team!

Before all the idle critics criticize the pitch, (as they ganged up on the seder and the Easter service, with their hugely disgusting hate-mongering) they should keep in mind how hard it would be for pro pitchers to pitch wearing a HEAVY VEST under their jackets.
But that would involve having imagination; ya know, like when you hide a toy from a baby of a certain age and she knows it is there tho she can't see it at the moment.

That's right Mr. President Obama, display your PRIDE in the Best Baseball Team in Chicago!

Go White Sox!!

Hi Cub Fans, think your team will win 70 games?

No disrespect, I'm just joshing.

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