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Tammy Duckworth to get honorary degree from Northern Illinois University

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1 Comment

Hi I met Mrs. Duckworth while she was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She might not remember me right off, but she would if she saw me, but I most certainly cannot forget her. She exemplified great character and showed an undying love for this country, the US Army, and the people that took care of her while she was recovering. I used to work for Walter Reed as a civilian Nursing Assistant and I found out first hand that she is a woman of great courage, bravery, honesty, integrity, and the will power to achieve anything. I followed her story off and on and I can see that she has done just that. An honorary degree would suit her just fine. When I think of honor I think of her, she is some kind of a lady. Alot of people get excited because they met a celebrity. She is more than that, she represents survival, what it means to bounce back even when your down and it looks like you can get back up. I remember saying to her and her husband you'all are not from her are you? I think you are just here to test us. She never complained about anything and I mean anything.

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